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Winnipeg Dynamite

Tony Khan is keeping it kayfabe. Respect to him for doing that. Before "technical difficulties" Tony was going to produce the show from Jacksonville. Tonight is a special 3 hour show. I find it stupid that they are making it separate shows rather than just a 3 hour Dynamite.

Swerve says he does not know who his opponent at Double or Nothing will be. Matt and Nick Jackson interrupt. They fine him. The Young Bucks introduce Swerve's opponent as Christian Cage after a tease of Kenny Omega. That makes Double or Nothing a no brainer as Swerve Strickland retaining the title. It is nice to see the Patriarchy on TV again. Christian skips the words and talks with punches. Swerve answers back but does not hit Mother Wayne. A decent set up for the May 26th event. Christian also calls back their history and Swerve's history with Nick Wayne. The fans are whack already tonight with chants of "eat it" after Killswitch rips a dreadlock from Stricklands head.

Before the match the promo hinted at Brody King facing Copeland. Malachi Black cut a live promo with the lights out saying it wouldn't be him. Buddy Matthews is the one to answer the Cope Open. Matthews is super talented but more like a level on mini-boss when it comes to the House of Black. A nice even looking match up between the two men starting the match. Copeland lands a suicide dive. It is nice to see someone not in the prime of their career doing moves like that. Buddy Matthews looks to have gotten injured off a Double Cross Body. Buddy started bleeding from the mouth shortly after taht and the medical team was called. Matthews luckily is cleared to continue. After a bit Matthews is able to no sell it. Avalanche Impaler gets a near fall for Copeland. Buddy with a Jackhammer gets a near fall then goes for a submission the match seems to be reaching it's climax. Copeland retains off a spear. Copeland would attack Buddy Matthews after the match with a chair both Malachi and Buddy would encourage Copeland to hit Matthews with a chair.

This match is a questionable booking match for me. Unless Marquin is injured again why have Isiah in singles action? You an sacrifice Colt Cabana who hasn't had a match on Dynamite in a long time. If Kip Sabian has his visa issues worked out he could be used. There are several other talents not part of a team that can be used to build the tag division that can be used. Kassidy does start by taunting Joe and poking his eyes before being thrown into the air. Isiah does gets some desperation offense in. Musclebuster ends the match in Samoa Joe's favor.

Orange states he thought the Parking Lot Brawl was a fight and make up type thing. Orange says that Chuck Taylor will never wrestle again. Orange Cassidy is alone. Trent would interrupt. Security and Kris Statlander keeps Orange from attacking Trent.

Don Calis walks out and takes Orange Cassidy to the back after whispering in his ear. Is this the start of a heel run for Orange and Trent? I do hope that Trent's career being over is kayfabe.

The Youngbucks and Rene have a segment. The Bucks gives the TV over to Jack Perry. Perry says he meant that he wants the best for AEW and attacking TK was the best. Are we moving into a "Best for Business" era of AEW. Please no as that sucked in WWE.

Ted Irvine is shown in the audience. Beside being the father of the current FTW champion, Ted is a legendary hockey player. Ted was part of the OKC Blazers team that won the Adams Cup in 1967. The match itself starts with Shibata and Jericho trading chops. The match is held under FTW rules and Jericho pulls out a bag of Winnipeg Jets Hockey pucks. A first for me in wrestling. Jericho's chest got light up. Shibata's is also red. Shibata transitions the Walls of Jericho into a Figure Four. Jericho throws a hockey puck into the mouth of Shibata. Jericho puts a trash can on the top of Shibata and repeatedly hits it with a Singapore cane. Shibata back Jericho into a corner with the trashcan on his head and headbutts Jericho before taking it off. Shibata and Jericho sit cross legged in the middle of the ring and start smacking each other with the stick. Shibata gets the advantage by hitting Jericho between the legs. Shibata runs into a Code Breaker which gets a two count for Jericho. Katsuyori Shibata turns a Judas Effect attempt into a Sleeper Hold. Jericho gets out. Big Bill enters the ring to help Jericho Big Bill Chokeslams Shibata into the table and Jericho gets the pin.

Another slug fest starting with these two men. What else can you expect from these two powerful lads? Cage is able to get a tijaris and a drop kick on Claudio. Claudio would catch him with a back breaker on the next exchange. Cage would deliver his impressive outside in vertical suplex. The Swolverine hits an area code shot as they call the 619. Claudio would then start taking over with some European Uppercuts a very 50/50 match. Nine big swings before a Scorpion Deathlock. Bryan Cage taps out.

This is the Dynamite Main event. Lackluster if this was the last macth of the night. In contrast to the previous match, this one starts out with a showcase of technical abilities. Deeb as the Woman of 1000 holds has the advantage. Deeb puts May in a Paradise Lock which I don't really get but oh well. Serena Deeb keeps manipulating Mariah's body like it is a rag doll. May is able to get some space and start her offensive streak. Deeb's neck breaker in the ropes looks devastating. Hip Attack by Mariah May gets a near fall. A single leg crab with some extra smashing of the knee has Toni Storm throw in the towel This ended the undefeated streak of May. Now official is Serena Deeb against Toni Storm for Double or Nothing. I felt that was the obvious outcome. The May turning on Storm storyline still needs time to grow.

I have missed Justin Roberts announcing Kenny Omega. Each one seems to be longer and longer but they are still entertaining. Kenny is in a nice greenish colored suit. It gives me babyface vibes. "Welcome Home" chants from the crowd. Diverticulitis gets a boo when Kenny mentions it. Kenny informs the fans that any bump could cause him to die. Odd since Brock Lesner wrestles with the same disease. Kenny did also say that he feared this promo would be one only announcing his retirement. Kenny Omega says that if there is a 1% chance for him to wrestle he will as he has promised to change the world. Okada's music hits as Kenny hints to being the rumored authority figure. Kenny says for Okada to give him a couple of months and they will finish their NJPW feud. Jack Perry attacks from behind. Excalibur says Kenny is not cleared for any physical action. Kenny beats down Jack Perry. Jack would hit Omega in the gut with a chair. The Young Bucks then come out. EVP Trigger. FTR out to save Omega from any further beat down. Due to the blurring of real and fake this was actually a very captivating segment.

The new version of The Elite would continue their beat down of Kenny and FTR in the back. Matt tells Kenny that it is just business before flipping the stretcher.

Matt Menard has now joined the broadcast team. The first match of Rampage will be Jay White against Dante Martin.

I can appreciate this singles match. It builds a trios feud. Not all six men need involved to build a match. So it is very different than the Samoa Joe/Isiah Cassidy match earlier. Dante took it to Jay White before the fortunes would be reversed. This just seems like a downgrade from the matches Jay White had in NJPW. Not knocking Dante Martin as I am a fan of him but Dante just hasn't gotten that prestige. I do think this match would be best served with a draw. Dante is signaling for Bryce Remsburg after a nasty fall onto the ropes. Tonight has been a worrisome night when it comes to injuries. A springboard attack by Dante gets a near fall. A sleeper suplex would get Jay White the win. This is a match that shows why Top Flight and Action Andreti deserve to face Bullet Club Gold for the Six Man Tag. Grat match to take up almost the first half of the show.

No better person to face Kyle O'Reilly and know he will be safe than Rocky Romero. This is the first time that the two have met in an AEW ring as opponents. BTW if you haven't seen the Hey! (EW) with Kyle go check it out after finishing this. Kyle is showing his submission prowess in the early goings. Rocky Romero seems to be one of the guys who puts others over, so, I don't see him winning. Although, Romero does get his own submission in during the match. Masterful joint manipulation by both men. Both men would exchange locks throughout the match. Kyle O'Reilly wins with a pin out of nowhere.

The main event for the night is a Manitoba Massacre for the TBS Championship between Sky Blue and Willow Nightingale. A falls count anywhere match. Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet scenario. The match starts before both ladies enter the ring. Willow does go for a pin before either even hit the ring. Willow misses a flip onto Blue. Willow would pay that back by slamming Blue into an open chair. Having this type of match the same night as a FTW Rules match is also questionable. One will stand out more than the other. A mighty pounce by Willow prevents Skye Blue from hitting her with the top of a trash can. Skye Blue is bleeding. Now another black bag. This one does not have hockey pucks it has thumbtacks. Mad respect for these ladies. Willow slams Blue into the tacks but she gets more than her opponent. Willow powerbombs Blue into a table with barbed wire on it to win.

What a night. Great action. Great Story. It had me sucked in like I haven't been sucked in for a really long time. I don't care if people are calling AEW WCW2000 or not this was a good show. Haters gonna Hate.

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