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Video: Johnny Knoxville Crashes WWE Star Sami Zayn's Netflix Comedy Special

Updated: May 17

Johnny Knoxville and Sami Zayn's very personal feud seems to have been reignited after the actor appeared on stage during the WWE superstar's comedy show.

Sami Zayn recently performed at the Netflix is a Joke show, where Johnny Knoxville appeared in disguise and the two renewed their rivalry.

"Where's Kevin Owens to make you look interesting?" asked Johnny Knoxville, who had a wig and a fake moustache to hide his identity. "What is your problem, dude," asked Samu Zayn in response.

The actor said that he didn't like Sami Zayn's face following which the WWE superstar invited him on stage to air his grievances. Johnny Knoxville, after getting rid of his disguise, mocked the WWE Intercontinental Champion. Fellow WWE superstar Becky Lynch then arrived on stage and tried to calm things down by asking the actor to say something nice about Sami Zayn. Johnny Knoxville was then escorted off the stage by security but returned after which he apologized to Sami Zayn and even offered him flowers. The two then hugged each other before Wee Man appeared and had a face-off with Sami Zayn and slammed him, as he did at WrestleMania 38.

Johnny Knoxville recently commented multiple times on Samu Zayn's Instagram posts and even teased a potential rematch with Samu Zayn at WrestleMania. Sami Zayn himself discussed the possibility of facing off against the "Jackass" star last year, stating that there are still some things unresolved in their rivalry.

Sami Zayn and Johnny Knoxville faced off in an Anything Goes match at WrestleMania 38, where the actor got the better of the WWE superstar, thanks to a little help from his friends. Sami Zayn, who was then a heel, is now a babyface and currently holds the Intercontinental Championship, which he won from GUNTHER at WrestleMania 40 earlier this year.


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