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Top 3 Takeaways from Dark: Elevation 6th March 2023

This week's recap of AEW's YouTube show, Dark: Elevation. Episode 105 on March 6th 2023

#1 Some ROH build up

On the first ever episode, of the new era of ROH last Thursday, we saw Willow Nightingale stake her claim for a ROH Women’s title match, which Athena ultimately accepted. On this week’s Dark, we saw the champ take on the returning Brooke Havok, one of Cody Rhodes’ students of the Nightmare Factory, in winning fashion.

After picking up the submission win, Athena was up to her old tricks and battered the youngster after the match. That was until home-grown talent Willow interrupted her, and made the save on Havok.

#2 On His Uno

We seem to be witnessing a bit of a change in Evil Uno, ever since his tremendously bloody match with Moxley. This week Uno found himself in the main event, making short work of Lee Johnson.

Notably Uno came out by himself, no fellow Dark Order members saw him to the ring, as they normally would do. During the match Uno showed a bit more aggression than what we are used to seeing from him, and put Big Shotty away with a Piledriver.

#3 A Dark Return

We saw his AEW return on last week’s Rampage, and this week we saw his return to Dark. Archer didn’t disappoint fans, and came out with a victim, just like he always has done, tossing him down the ramp. The Murderhawk Monster then turned his attention to the real victim in the ring. Archer wasn’t able to make short work of Jack Banning, but after beating him down he took the 1-2-3 after a nasty lariat.

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