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Steve Maclin Talks TNA Rebrand, His Time There, WWE, More

We at Real Rasslin have come to learn

Fightful Select recently sat down with former IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion Steve Maclin at WrestleCade in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Maclin discussed a few different topics with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp.

Steve mentioned that Fightful’s Joel Pearl is not putting him over like he used to on the Fightful IMPACT Review Show. He said at first Joel was kissing his ass a lot, but now whenever Joel talks about his match or segment, Joel will blow over it.

Sean mentioned to Steve how he immediately stepped into the main event picture. Steve told us that once he got to IMPACT, he got to build equity and show the world the kind of person he can be in and outside the ring. Maclin says it allowed him to show he could be a top guy. Maclin said he’s always seen himself as a top guy, and with IMPACT/TNA.

When asked about his title reign ending sooner than he wanted due to an injury, Steve said he wished his title reign would have lasted longer but said things happen.

Sean asked Steve if there was a specific time in a match when it hit him and his opponent was doing something special. Steve said there were a few times. Maclin mentioned his Hard to Kill match with Trey Miguel and that there were moments when it slowed down, and he realized everything was working. Maclin says he has a lot of respect for Alex Shelley.

Steve says that he and Josh Alexander became good friends behind the scenes. Maclin says that they both have similar tastes in wrestling. He said when he returned from his groin injury, the match with Alexander was one he wished they could go back to. They were both returning from injury. Maclin said it was good, but it’s not where it should have been. Maclin did say a lot of fans loved it.

Steve spoke about the X-Division and how being drawn to it from the days of AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. He enjoyed the mix of styles. He says he would love to go back after the X Division.

Sean asked Steve about the TNA rebrand and if known about it when they filmed the video announcing it. Maclin was told it was for the IMPACT PPV, Hard to Kill. He knew after everyone was sitting around that something was up. He figured it was for a new TV deal or an announcement that they would be TNA again.

The former Revolver Champion told us when he began training at the Monster Factory, his goal was always to go to the WWE. He said growing up in the northeast, the WWE was the promotion. Steve mentioned enjoying WCW but would flip the channel to watch Raw. Steve also told us after WCW ended, he got into TNA and the X-Division.

When Sean asked about his 2024 goals, Steve hinted that his contract would be coming up because he is about to be in the third year of his contract. He would tell us his goal is to win the TNA World Heavyweight title. He also mentioned wanting to return to the X-Division and win the title. Steve would add, “I always say it in every interview if you're not after the world title. Then what are you doing in the business?’’

Deonna Purazzo would join the interview when Sean asked for advice on how he could beat Shazza McKenzie at BLP’s Slamilton. We know how that turned out.


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