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Professional wrestling is set to return to Warrington's legendary Parr Hall next year, it was announced this weekend.

The sports entertainment spectacle returns to the tenured events hub with a confirmed date of August 9th, 2025.

Off The Page Promotions announced the show at their recent event, ending an eight-year absence of professional wrestling at the concert hall.

Parr Hall, which has played host to acts such as The Stone Roses and Jimmy Carr, is one of the North West's best loved venues.

"It means the world to me to bring wrestling back to Parr Hall and Warrington as a whole," said Off The Page owner and operator Ben McCurry. "This town has such a rich history of wrestling which was and still is such a grand British tradition, so to revive that only makes sense."

The last wrestling show to be seen at the venue was hosted by Liverpool's Infinite Promotions in 2016.

"We certainly hope this is not the last time we're at the Parr Hall," continued Ben McCurry. "We hope to be here for many years to come."

Off The Page is noted for its diverse roster and usage of storylines.

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