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Rhea Ripley Wants THIS Intergender WWE Match

We at Real Rasslin have come to learn.

Reigning Women's World Champion and Judgment Day member Rhea Ripley dreams of stepping into the ring for a match against CM Punk someday. That fantasy intergender bout is near the top of Rhea Ripley’s wishlist, and it has been since she was a teenager.

Rhea Ripley told the BWGS Podcast that Triple H, The Miz and CM Punk were her main heroes growing up as a young wrestling fan. The latter's return to WWE late last year sparked Rhea Ripley’s interest because she started thinking about a dream-like one-on-one all over again.

It's almost certainly never going to happen, of course, but that won't stop Rhea Ripley from thinking about what it'd be like to wrestle one of her favourites.

Rhea Ripley did note that she wouldn't have to work a match with CM Punk to be involved in a storyline with him. For example, one of her cohorts in Judgment Day could do the physical bit. Rhea Ripley would just get a kick out of warring on the mic with CM Punk, or maybe hitting him with her Riptide during an angle.

So, a match is unlikely, but some sort of interaction isn't.

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