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On Sunday, Rev Pro held one of their biggest shows of the year in Revolution Rumble.

Let's see what happened at a packed York Hall.


Mills challenged Jacobs to put his Rumble spot on the line at York Hall and the man from the North West accepted setting up this match at York Hall.

Jacobs made Mills tap to keep his Rumble spot to the surprise of many.



TNA chants filled the venue for 2 popular wrestlers who split the crowd.

The Walking Weapon used his technical skills while the Youngest In Charge took to the air when in control.

The finish came when Josh had an ankle lock on but Leon managed to get to his feet and bridge back for the 3 count.




Mark Andrews has recently returned from injury and Subculture successfully defended the titles against the Greedy Souls in Coventry.

The GYV beat Trew and Lacey earlier in the month at the 229 and challenged whoever was the Tag Team Champions come Revolution Rumble.

Another split crowd in this one. I think some still find it uneasy cheering Gibson and Drake after years of their antics. It’s great to have them back and they’ll always be in the debate for top Tag Teams.

This one went just over 16 minutes and there was a couple of times you thought both team might have the win.

In the end Gibson tombstones Flash on the outside with assistance from Drake jumping over the top before they both hit Andrews with a lungbuster for the 3 count.


The Greedy Souls attacked GYV at the top of the ramp. They’ve got good reason to feel aggrieved after the controversial retention by Subculture in Coventry and are making sure they’re in the hunt for those titles.




Luna beat Windsor at Uprising in December to win the title before the Iron Willed one attacked Dani in the back at High Stakes and dragged her out on a chain after Luna retained against Safire Reed.

This set up the first women’s Dog Collar Match and these women put their bodies on the line in and around the ring.

There was some really creative spots including Windsor bringing out an animal cage from under the ring and assembling it before going back first onto it twice.

The end came when Dani stood on the 2nd rope and impressively picked up Windsor who was on the ring apron and German suplexed her quickly followed by a sitout powerbomb.


This was the best women’s match I’ve seen since Athena Vs Willow Nightingale a year ago.

The interval was next where I got a picture with a bloody Dani Luna who was in high spirits considering what she’d just gone through. Adrenaline eh.



The 2nd half started with a man who has beaten Oku on 3 separate occasions in a Rev Pro ring over the last 12 months in Buzzard challenging for the big title. He has been accompanied by Brett Semtex recently. Amira who came out with Oku was no match for him as an influence

El Capitan has spent a few months over in Japan gaining experience and came back prepared to lead Rev Pro.

He gave the Champion everything but found himself in a half crab that needed Brett to pull him out in view of the referee who sent Semtex to the back.

Buzzard had a tug of war with Amira for the Rev Pro Title and Amira collided with the ringpost. The referee and ring crew escorted Amira to the back which gave Semtex a chance to come from the other side of York Hall and plough through Oku. El Capitan then hit a 450 for as close to a 3 count as you can get.

At the 23 minute mark Buzzards ankle gave way and Oku hit a frog splash for the win. Leyton was in clear pain and escorted to the back. It’s since turned out he’ll be back in 9-12 months after surgery. We wish him the best and look forward to his return.



A personal favorite of mine in the Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Breaks was entrant 1. I got a picture with him and had a chat before the show. He’s got a new T-Shirt out. Josh Alexander was No2 as the 2 out on a wrestling clinic for the 1st couple of minutes.

Jordan Oliver was No3 with Aigle Blanc at 4 and JJ Gale out at 5. He lasted for over an hour in the match which takes incredible stamina.

1 of the favorites in Robbie X came out at 6 before Will Kaven and Anthony Ogogo who cleaned house eliminating people for fun. Trew and Lacey came out together at No9 before Harry Milligan at 10.

No11 was the Rev Pro Champion Oku who was surely going to stop Ogogo’s dominance or so we thought. He was eliminated too. RKJ came out at 12. He’s been feuding with Ogogo since he had his back turned on in the Finals of the Great British Tag League at Uprising in December. RKJ trod on a fallen Oku on his way to the ring.

If the bookies took bets then No13 as surely a favorite to win it all in Spike Trivet. Brett Semtex was next out before Brendan White took us to the halfway stage. The Grizzled Young Vets attacked Bronco as revenge for earlier in the evening. White was quickly eliminated.

Gabe Kidd was a surprise from New Japan at 16 followed by Cameron Khai and Trent Seven. Sha Samuels was No30 last year as a surprise return to Rev Pro. He wasn’t as lucky this year although No19 still gave him a chance. Mike D Vecchio from wXw was new to most of the crowd and impressed.

Luke Jacobs came out for the 2nd time tonight at 21 with Oskar Leube at 22. Shigehiro Irie was 23 with Chuck Mambo at 24. The ring was full at this point with 10-12 in there.

Danny Jones came out at 25 with ring crew as he was anticipating also being attacked by the Grizzled Young Veterans. A few minutes later they turned up in the crowd to distract Danny causing his elimination.

TK Cooper arrived at 26 just in time to catch Mambo. David Francisco came out at 27 under his old gimmick and eliminated 2 or 3 people surprisingly. He has beaten fellow contender Joshua James to earn his spot.

Leon Slater drew a great number at 28 and I wondered if he might win the whole thing. Leyton Buzzard hobbled out at 29 to my surprise. He came out with Dynamite Lee Dawson’s help. Medical staff told El Capitan he couldn’t be cleared to compete and Buzzard hyped Dawson up to take his place. Connor Mills attacked Lee, fist bumped Leyton and entered at 29. I saw Connor entering this way but it was still a nice surprise and another potential winner. He immediately pulled Trent Seven from the apron. They had a great match at the 229 earlier this year.

Phones were out for entrant 30 and the crowd anticipated a surprise. Chris Ridgeway came out and immediately got into it with his fellow North West Strong teammate Luke Jacobs.

Slater eliminated Mills but the referees were dealing with another incident and didn’t see. This brought back memories of Austin winning the 1997 WWF Royal Rumble. Especially after he got rid of the Youngest in Charge.

The final 4 were RKJ, Gabe Kidd, JJ Gale and Luke Jacobs. The crowd chanted “Anyone but Gabe Kidd” and he was the 1st of the 4 to be eliminated. JJ Gale was wearing RKJ down but made the mistake of jumping onto the 2nd rope which Jacobs took advantage of and pushed him to the floor.

Mills came out for the 3rd time this evening with a chair ready to take Luke’s head off but someone slid into the ring to stop him. It was a returning Ethan Allen who sent Mills packing before staying ringside.

RKJ was my prediction at the start and I was wearing his T-Shirt but nothing was stopping Jacobs on this night. After winning the opening match he won the last one too.


Jacobs spoke on the mic and announced he wanted 1 match and that was for the Undisputed British Heavyweight Title at the CopperBox in August at the 12th anniversary show (the day before All In).

Tickets are now on sale for what will be the biggest BritWres show this year.


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