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NWA Powerr Review 18/07/2023

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiserweights bringing you your NXT Review. So let's get into it.

The show starts off going straight into the first match

Match 1 - Junior Heavyweight Exhibition Match - Alex Taylor v Colby Corino

Both men lock up until Colby Corino drags Alex Taylor across the mat, Alex then recovers himself at the ropes, they lock up again and Colby gets a headlock on Alex and throws him in the ropes and Alex tries to shoulder charge him a few times but can't knock him down. Alex then has Colby run the ropes, Colby comes off the second rope with a closeline and gets a two cover. Colby hits a senton for another two count. he stays on the offence until he went to hit a closeline in the corner and Alex moves, Alex hits a backstabber and gets on the offence with heavy hits. Colby hits some high-flying moves. Alex throws Colby to the ropes and then takes Colby out by the legs to take him down to the mat. Colby gets on top with some heavy hits but Alex gets back into it and gets a two count. Colby gets moves going and hits his finisher.

Official Winner - Colby Corino

Match 2 - NWA World Television Championship Match - Thom Latimer v Mario Pardua

It has a 6 minutes and 5 seconds time limit, both men lock up, to begin with Thom keeps slamming Mario to the mat. Both men share holds. Mario gets a few 2 counts before Thom hits him with a shoulder tackle, Mario gets up, and Thom throws Mario in the ropes and Thom jumped over Mario but Mario goes into a rear wastelock Thom hits an elbow to the head then Mario hits an arm drag. Both men share attacks in the corner with Thom getting the upper hand. Thom stays on the attack with heavy moves. Mario gets his second wind by Thom hits a pop up powerbomb. Thom gets the crossface on Mario in the middle of the ring and makes him submit with 1 minute 42 seconds left.

Official Winner - STILL NWA World Television Champion Thom Latimer

We get a backstage interview

Match 3 - United States Tag Showdown Qualifying Match - Daisy Kill and Talos v Magic Inc

The match starts with Talos and Magic Jake in the ring, Talos goes to lock up but Magic Jake goes behind him and locks in a waistlock, Talos breaks the waistlock and throws Magic Jake in front of him. Talos stays on the upper hand with heavy hits then he tags in Daisy Kill, they hit a double team together and get a two count. Magic Jake gets the tag and in comes Cody James. Both men go for moves but Daisy gets the upper hand on Cody. Cody got the tag and Magic Jake starts to get the upper hand until Daisy hits a spinebuster to Magic Jake. Magic Jake gets the upper hand and tags in Cody and Cody stays on the upper hand with heavy moves. Daisy finally manages to make the tag and Talos takes it to both members of Magic Inc. Talos hits the chokeslam and gets the three count.

Official Winner - Daisy Kill and Talos

We get a DLZ promo

We get a backstage interview with Aron Stevens and BFT

Match 4 - United States Tag Showdown Qualifying Match - The Fixers v The Spectaculars

The Spectaculars attack The Fixers before the bell, both teams get the upper hand on each other and tag in and out. both teams keep sharing getting the upper hand but The Fixers get the momentum going with hard hits and moves and big tag moves. The Fixers get a tag and hit a high boot and keep on the upper hand with hard punches and a leg drop, they keep tagging in and out so they keep themselves fresh. The Fixers hit a double splash for the pin.

Official Winners - The Fixers

We get another backstage interview

Matt Cardona addresses the NWA

Match 5 - NWA World Women's Championship Match - Kenzie Paige v Samantha Starr

This match also has a 6 minute and 5 seconds time limit, both women lock up and Samantha gets Kenzie in a headlock, Kenzie throws Samantha in the ropes, she misses the closeline and Samantha hits a shoulder charge. Samantha keeps outsmarting Kenzie, Kenzie manages to get back into the match by poking Samantha in the eyes and then attacks her in the corner, Samantha gets back on the upper hand with some heavy moves. Kenzie uses the ropes to get back on the offence and keeps using dirty tactics. Samantha gets on the upper hand until Kenzie goes for a roll-up pin and a two count. Kenzie hits the Kenzie-cutter and gets the three count.

Official Winner - STILL NWA World Women's Champion Kenzie Paige


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