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NWA Powerr Review 05/09/2023

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiserweights bringing you your NWA Powerr Review. So let's get into it.

March 1 - NWA Workday Woman’s Television Championship Match - Max The Impaler v Taylor Rising

The match starts with Taylor unsure of Max but they then both lock up with Max showing her strength, Taylor goes for the lock up but Max hits her. Max hots a couple of forearms to the face and Taylor crawls to another corner away from Max. Max uses her strength to dominate the match with heavy hits and moves on Taylor. Taylor manages to get a bit of offence going by dodging a few moves and hitting a chop block to Max knew then hitting a snaprauna. Max hits a big close line for the three count.

Official Winner - STILL NWA Workday Woman’s Television Championship Match - Max The Impaler

Max hits another closeline after the match to do more damage to Taylor

We get a promo to promote Samhain the next PPV on October 28th in Cleveland, OH

We get an interview from Aron Stevens and Blood Force Drama

Match 2 - The Immortals v The Outrunners

The Immortals attack The Outrunners before the bell starts. Grados stays on the offence with really hard slaps and hits in the corner. Grados licks his hand then hits a hard slap before tagging in Odinson. Odinson comes into the watch and stays in the offence with heavy hits and moves. The Immortals stay on the attack with heavy hits and moves not giving The Outrunners a chance. The Outrunners start to get into the match after hitting a chop block. The Outrunners hit big moves and keep making quick tags. The Immortals got back in the match and hit a good few double team moves for the three count.

We get an interview with Zicky Dice

We get an interview with Pretty Empowered

Match 3 - Rolando Freeman v Brady Pierce

The match starts with Rolando asking Brady what happened and Brady pushes Rolando in the face away from him. Brady picked up Rolando and tried to throw him out of the ring but Rolando got out of it and Rolando got in loads of hits before he was on the second rope punching Brady until Brady moved from the corner with Rolando on his shoulders. Rolando tried to get Brady into a pin but Brady hit a big stamp into Rolando's chest then picked him up from the mat and hit a powerbomb. Brady stays on the offence with heavy hits. Brady hits a big elbow from the top rope for the three count.

Official Winner - Brady Pierce

We get an interview with Koa Laxamana and Kallies Malia

We hear from the NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion EC3

Match 4 - The Fixers LLC V The Southern Six

The match starts with Kerry Morton going straight after The Fixer with heavy hits, The Fixers get the upper hand with heavy hits and big moves. Both The Fixers and The Southern Six share big moves and heavy hits. The Southern Six get the upper hand on The Fixers with heavy hits and quick tags. There was a mix up with The Fixers and in comes The Fixer who tries to hit a drop kick from the top but it does nothing. The Southern Sux hit a big double team move for the three count.

Official Winners - The Southern Six


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