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NWA Powerr Review 5.30.23

Hi, Arran here and one-half of the irn bru brusierweights here's my review for nwa powerr this was the go-home show for this weekend's Crockett Cup double-dip PPV let's get into this.

Crockett Cup TTune-UpMatch Trevor Murdoch & Mike Knox fought The Country Gentlemen to a double DQ after the other teams interfere.

Crockett Cup Qualifier: The Now def. Ryan Matthews & Mario Pardua

Father James Mitchell cuts a promo about Judias and Max the Impaler’ chances in the Crockett Cup and says that his future is so bright, he has to wear shades.

Samantha Starr def. Kylie Paige

Natalia Markova cut a promo about her match against Kamille at Crockett Cup, saying she knows Kamille has weaknesses.

Crockett Cup Qualifier: Jake Dumas & Mercurio def. Jamie Stanley & Joe Alonzo

Thrillbilly Silas and EC3 have a face-to-face confrontation in the ring, which ends with Silas kissing EC3 and laying him out with a Boss Man Slam.

Overall thoughts with this being a go-home show before the weekends PPV it didn't look like the crowd was into any of the matches and doesn't give me hope for the weekend.


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