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NWA POWERR 11/07/23

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiserweights bringing you your NWA POWERR Review. So let's get into it.

Match 1 - The Brothers Of Funstruction v NWA World Tag Team Champions La Rebelion

The match starts with The Brothers Of Funstruction laughing at La Rebelion so La Rebelion then starts attacking them with heavy hits until The Brothers Of Funstruction get the upper hand, The Brothers Of Funstructionget the first two pin of the match and they keep on top of La Rebelion. La Rebelion finally gets the upper hand when they make a tag and get to double team they keep on top of The Brothers Of Funstruction for a while until La Rebelion missed a move in the corner and The Brothers Of Funstruction made the tag. The Brothers Of Funstruction keep up the upper hand for a while with heavy hits and team moves. La Rebelion hit a double buckle boom and can only get the two count, as La Rebelion try to finish off the match The Brothers Of Funstructionhit a roll up for the three count.

Official Winner - The Brothers Of Funstruction

Match 2 - Catchweight Exhibition Match Ricky Morton v Koa Laxamana

The match starts with both men locking up and Koa putting Ricky into a headlock, Rick throws Koa off the ropes and Koa hits a shoulder tackle hitting Ricky down to the mat. Koa hits a hip toss, and as Koa is distracted, Ricky hits Koa in the back with his knee, letting Ricky get on the upperhand with some heavy hits. Koa gets back into the match hitting heavy hits, Koa hits a splash into the corner as he went for the spear Kerry trips up Koa and that allows Ricky to hit the destroyer and gets the three count.

Official Winner - Ricky Morton

We then get a backstage interview

Match 3 - Zyon v Rolando Freeman

The match starts with both men locking up and Zyon pushes Rolando to the corner where Rolando cowards away so Zyon has to let go, they lock up again with Zyon hitting a waistlock on Rolando. Zyon stays on the offence by grounding Rolando, Zyon hits a cross-arm breaker with Rolando getting to the ropes. Zyon still stays on the offence with some heavy slams and hits. Rolando hits a jawbreaker to get back in the match. Zyon gets back on the upper hand, Zyon gets Rolando in the arm submission and makes him tapout.

Official Winner - Zyon

Match 4 - Kamille, M95 and Ruthie Jay v Pretty Empowered and Natalia Markova

'The match starts with Kamille up against Natalia Markova they shove each other but Ellia tags herself in, Ellia went for the slap but Kamille stopped it until Ellia hit her with her right hand. Kamille gets the upperhand using her power and strength, Maddie tags in and keeps on top of Ellie until Ellie hits her and tags in Natalia who gets caught with a chop, she throws Natalia to the ropes and as she goes after her Natalia goes to hit a big boot but Maddie catches it and throws her forward down to the mat, the team of Pretty Empowered and Natalia keep taking in and out and keeping up the upperhand, Ruthie Jay comes in and straight away goes on the offence hitting hard hits and different manoeuvres, one by one they all take out each other, Page tags herself in and hits the destroyer for the three pin.

Official Winner - Pretty Empowered and Natalia Markova

We have another backstage interview

Match 5 - for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship - EC3 V Thrillbilly Silas Mason

The match starts with Silas coming out full head of steam and hitting EC3 with loads of hard hits and different moves. EC3 escapes the ring to give himself a rest and reset. EC3 gets back in the ring but Silas stays on the attack, he throws EC3 to the corner and as he runs in EC3 gets his forearm up and hits Silas, Silas runs into the corner again and this time meets with a big boot, then tries for a third time and EC3 moves and throws Silas into the ring post. EC3 then gets on the offence by attacking the left arm that's not long hit the ring post. EC3 keeps on the offence with heavy hits and keeps attacking the left arm. Silas starts to get the upperhand with a second wind. EC3 hits the one percent twice in a row and only gets a two count. EC3 tries to cheat but was getting stopped, the referee turned his back to check on someone and EC3 hits Silas with the belt in the side of his head and then rolls him up for a three count.

Official Winner - STILL your NWA National Heavyweight Champion EC3

During the celebration EC3 holds the title out to the side and drops it on the mat and leaves the ring, the commentator announces he has relinquished the title and going after Tyrus at NWA 75 and that's your main event EC3 v Tyrus at NWA 75

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