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New Japan in London?!? Can only mean its Royal Quest III

Hello folks and Welcome to the Copper Box Arena in London England, I am your host Clint and without further ado, lets get down to business...

Robbie X Vs Taiji Ishimori

A fast paced opener with 1 of Britains most popular stars in the King of the Cruiserweights Robbie X. It was Ishimori who took the win after a UFO and bloody cross in 7:48.


Trent Seven Vs El Desperado

Trent started with a chair so El Desperado searched under the ring for one. He found a chair with assistance from the crowd. A lightsaber style battle with chairs started the match. When the referee got crushed in the corner and Seven hit a low blow and Emerald Flowsion it looked like the end but El Desperado got the win with El Es Culero (a pinning cradle) in 8:08.


Yota Tsuji Vs Luke Jacobs

A hard hitting battle was next. Luke Jacobs has his share of fans but I was surprised how popular Tsuji was. His stock has certainly gone up in the last year. A combination of moves ending in a curb stomp and spear was enough to give Yota the win in 9:01.


NJPW Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Title match.

Bullet Club War Dogs - Dan Moloney/Clark Connors Vs Leon Slater/Cameron Khai

A slow paced match had Khai being worked over for the 1st 5 minutes with Slater pulled off the apron at 1 point preventing the tag. Once Slater was in, the pace picked up and didn’t stop. He did his incredible dive from the ring over the ring post onto Clark which amazes me every time I see it. Khai had a pop for a double belly to back Suplex. A Drilla Killer to Leon followed by an impressive spear from Connors while Dan had Khai held up for a suplex saw the Bullet Club War Dogs retain in 12:02.


Guerrillas of Destiny - Tama Tonga/Tanga Loa/El Phantasmo Vs Bullet Club War Dogs - David Finlay/Gabriel Kidd/Alex Coughlin.

Tanga Loa pinned David Finlay after finding himself outnumbered 3 to 1 and being dropped on his head. The match went 10:41. Far too much spitting from the War Dogs for my liking.


It was at this point I realised we were 5 matches in after less than 1hr 25. Incredible pacing.

Shota Umino/Ren Narita Vs The United Empire - Francesco Akira/Great-O-Khan

As a regular NJPW viewer I thought Umino may come through the crowd so was pleasantly surprised when he popped up right by me and I got a fist bump. The United Empire are massively over as a faction but it wasn’t to be for them as Umino first turned the key, then hit an elbow to the back of Akira’s head followed by a Death Rider for the pin at 10:25.


Just 5 Guys - SANADA/DOUKI Vs Los Ingobernables De Japan - Tetsuya Naito/BUSHI

An interesting dynamic with IWGP Heavyweight Champion SANADA across the ring from his future Wrestle Kingdom opponent Naito who won the G1 Climax 2023. There wasn’t much interaction between them in the end. The crowd were very vocal for DOUKI who ate the pin once Naito hit Destino at 9:29

After the match SANADA went to shake Naito’s hand but BUSHI sprayed SANADA with mist.


Michael Oku/Eddie Kingston/Hiroshi Tanahashi Vs The United Empire - Jeff Cobb/HENARE/TJP

Kingston is extremely popular and it was disappointing he came out as a trio to Oku’s music.

I can understand Michael is the Rev Pro Champion but I felt that was an opportunity missed. Tanahashi started the match and was off the pace a bit. Kingston also seemed to struggle at times which was either great selling or his decision to stop doing Indy dates looks a wise one. Oku accidentally hit Kingston with a knee after 10 minutes with TJP quickly taking advantage with a knee to the back of Oku’s head. It looked like this was the end but the Rev Pro Champion kicked out and rolled up TJP shortly after for the 3 count at 10:39.

I thought Kingston may be annoyed at the misfire but him. He and Oku shook hands.


Shingo Takagi Vs Tomohiro Ishii

I don’t know where to start with this. The crowd certainly played their part as both athletes were extremely popular with duelling chants throughout. I believe Ishii is 1 of the most underrated wrestlers in the world. He always delivers.

This was a very hard hitting contest which looked to be over on numerous occasions. Shingo hit Ishii with his own brainbuster near the end which was kicked out of at 1. Shingo then hit a Dragon Suplex, a sliding forearm and some clubbing clotheslines before hitting the Last of the Dragon, formally called Made in Japan for the 3 count at 21:26. Ishii had earlier kicked out of this.

After the match Tama Tonga came out and set up a match with Shingo for his Never Openweight Championship at Fighting Spirit in Las Vegas on 4th November.


IWGP UK Heavyweight Title

Will Ospreay Vs Zack Sabre Jnr

An emotional video package was played before the entrances showing some of the history between Ospreay and ZSJ.

Both got fantastic receptions and you could tell Will was appreciative. There was far too much that happened in this match to try and describe in detail. There’s no one like Zack for technical wrestling and tying up an opponent and Will hung with him at times whereas others he was desperate just to reach a rope to prevent a forced break of whichever submission hold ZSJ had him in. Like the previous match, there were numerous times you thought that had to be the finish but they kept going. The lads at the side of me were wishing for a time limit draw of an hour. It’s an overused chant but many there would have been happy if they fought forever.

Zack took many drops onto his head and the back of his neck before Ospreay hit a hidden blade and Stormbreaker which had previously been kicked out of for the win at 31:19.

After the match, Ospreay extended his hand and Sabre Jnr kissed Will’s forehead.

Ospreay spoke on the mic thanking Zack, calling out the United Empire to end the show posing on a high and asking if Akira was on the toilet when he didn’t come out after too much Sushi. He then said he had an issue with New Japan. While he was wrestling frequently defending his title the Heavyweight Champion wasn’t doing the same.

He challenged anyone in the back to come out and step up. Umino accepted the challenge.

Ospreay reminded Shota it would be the 4th time he would lose to him. Great-O-Khan whispered in Ospreay’s ear and Will told Shota he would get his match if he could get on the phone with Jon Moxley to face Great-O-Khan.

Umino agreed and both matches were set for Power Struggle on 4th November 2023 in Osaka, Japan.


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Wonderful review of what seemed like a fantastic evening.

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