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Jacob Fatu Scammed Charity.

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

The Following is how Real Rasslin Received It. The only change is removing contact info for the person who issued it.

We were just informed that Jacob Fatu scammed a charity event this past April in Wisconsin for Jake's Network of Hope

Truly disgusting.


Jacob Fatu's Betrayal: WWE Bloodline Family Member Leaves a Trail of Broken Promises

The wrestling world is reeling from the shocking revelations surrounding Jacob Fatu, a member of the famed WWE Bloodline family. Fatu has been accused of betraying numerous organizations, including small-town nonprofit Jake's Network of Hope based in Neenah, WI. His actions have left a trail of broken promises, financial losses, and shattered dreams.

Jake's Network of Hope, like many other organizations, had eagerly booked Jacob Fatu for their wrestling shows, hoping to provide their community with an unforgettable experience. However, the excitement quickly turned into disappointment as Fatu repeatedly failed to honor his commitments. Not only did he demand pre-payment for his appearances, but he also consistently failed to show up for the scheduled shows, leaving fans and organizers devastated.

The ripple effects of Fatu's actions are far-reaching. Organizers incurred substantial costs, including pre-payments, flights, hotel accommodations, and printed promotional materials. Despite the financial burdens these organizations faced due to Fatu's no-shows, he adamantly refused to reimburse them, further deepening the wounds inflicted upon the wrestling community.

"Jacob Fatu's behavior is both unprofessional and deeply disappointing," expressed the spokesperson for Jake's Network of Hope. "We trusted him to deliver on his commitments, but instead, he left us in a precarious financial situation. The impact extends beyond our organization, as many others have experienced similar hardships. It's disheartening to witness someone with such potential tarnish their reputation through dishonest actions."

The wrestling industry has always relied on trust and mutual respect between performers and organizations. Fatu's betrayal not only jeopardizes his own career but also casts a shadow of doubt over the integrity of the profession as a whole. The wrestling community deserves better, and it is crucial to hold individuals accountable for their actions.

In light of these disturbing revelations, Jake's Network of Hope, along with other affected organizations, calls upon Jacob Fatu to rectify the damages caused. They urge him to honor his financial obligations and take responsibility for the repercussions of his actions.

The WWE Bloodline family, known for their strong bonds and commitment to the sport, must distance themselves from Fatu's actions and demonstrate their unwavering support for the organizations that have been wronged. Fans worldwide look to these influential figures for guidance, and their response to this situation will undoubtedly shape public opinion.

The wrestling community and its devoted fans remain hopeful that justice will prevail and that this unfortunate incident will serve as a reminder of the importance of professionalism and integrity within the industry. It is essential to protect the trust that fans place in their favorite wrestlers and maintain the positive spirit that defines the world of professional wrestling.

Jenn Harper

Director of Development

Also the below video shows an exchange between PWK and Fatu where money was exchanged and Fatu went on to ignore any subsequent messages.


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