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NFL Draft Announcers Shout Out AEW As Tony Khan Wears Neck Brace In Jaguars War Room

Tony Khan was shouted out by NFL presenters during the NFL Draft after the AEW CEO was spotted wearing a neck brace. Tony Khan, the owner of NFL side Jacksonville Jaguars, was seen in the NFL Draft room selling the injury he suffered on this week's "AEW Dynamite" after he was attacked by Jack Perry and The Young Bucks. 

The NFL analysts mentioned Tony Khan, who was seated with his father Shad Khan, and the father-son duo was seen smiling as the cameras trained on them. The NFL Network's Rich Eisen gave non-wrestling fans an update on why Tony Khan was wearing a neck brace, and even sent his best wishes to the AEW founder.

"Tony Khan becomes the first-ever NFL executive in a draft room, shaking off the effects of a piledriver he received on national television in a wrestling ring the night before. Such is life when you mix AEW and the NFL. Tony Khan, hang in there, buddy," said Rich Eisen.

WWE commentator and former NFL player Pat McAfee also mentioned Tony Khan on "The Pat McAfee Show," with Pat McAfee even going as far as to claim that Tony Khan has a broken neck from the Meltzer Driver, which was recently renamed the TK Driver by The Young Bucks, in honour of Tony Khan. Tony Khan was also advised on the show to not move his neck around if he has a neck brace on, to better sell the effects of the injury. 

The end of this week's "Dynamite" saw Jack Perry and Tony Khan seemingly hug things out, before the former turned on his boss. The promotion's EVPs, The Young Bucks, who had sided with Jack Perry, also attacked Tony Khan before several members from the locker room came to the aid of Tony Khan. Tony Khan's father, Shad Khan, also made his first television appearance on AEW when he came to check in on his son.

Photo Credit: NFL

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