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Impact Wrestling Review 13/4/23

This is the final episode of Impact before Rebellion this Sunday.

Match 1: Kenny King w/ Team Bully (Bully Ray, Masha Slamovich and the Good Hands) vs Frankie Kazarian w/ Team Dreamer (Tommy Dreamer, Killer Kelly, Yuya Uemura and Bhupinder Gujjar) – Winners team gets the advantage in Hardcore War.

King able to counter a slingshot DDT and he drops Kazarian onto the top rope throat first. King hits Kazarian with a swinging backbreaker, covers Kazarian and gets a 2. King locks Kazarian in a camel clutch, but Kazarian is able to break out. Kazarian now managing to build some momentum, he hits King with a powerslam and follows it up with a springboard leg drop. Kazarian then hits King with a slingshot cutter, goes for the pin, King kicks out. Skyler gets up on the apron, Uemura pulls him down. A lot of hatred and tension between these two teams. Kazarian able to make King tap out, but the ref is distracted by Brian Myers! Moose appears and spears Kazarian! King able to cover Kazarian and gets the 3! Team Bully get the advantage at Rebellion. What the hell just happened? Why have Myers and Moose gotten involved? This is getting more and more interesting. Definitely excited Hardcore War. This was a good match. I do think Kazarian and King are very good wrestlers. Grade B.

After the match, a brawl breaks out between Team Bully and Team Dreamer. It ends with Team Bully standing tall over Team Dreamer.

We see before Impact went on the air, Steve Maclin interrupted the Canadian National Anthem. He disrespected the audience in Windsor, KUSHIDA came out to defend the audience. A brawl broke out between the men, with KUSHIDA managing to get the upper hand and KUSHIDA sends Maclin off the apron into security guards.

Match 2: Black Taurus w/ Crazzy Steve vs Lince Dorado vs Laredo Kid vs Rich Swann

A huge X-Division Match! Taurus hits a corkscrew dive through the ropes and wipes out everyone. Dorado launches himself off the top rope, hitting everyone on the outside. Taurus hits a Tower of Doom, Kid and Dorado hit the floor hard! Swann hits a Frog Splash on Taurus. Taurus hits a pop-up Samoan drop on Dorado.

He then hits a backbreaker and powerbombs Dorado over the top rope into Swann on the outside. Back in the ring, Kid hits Taurus with a Crucifix Bomb, Kid then hits Taurus with a Spanish Fly from the top rope, covers him and gets the 3! Absolutely great match, some amazing talent. Very difficult to keep up with all the action though. Very entertaining. Grade B+

Promo: Sunday at Rebellion, sees the return of Ultimate X. Bullet Club defend their Impact World Tag Team Championship against Motor City Machine Guns.

Backstage Segment: Rosemary tries to enter the Undead Realm to search for her former tag team partner, but she discovers that the entry is blocked.

Match 3: Taylor Wilde w/ KiLynn King vs Jessicka w/ Rosemary.

Wilde presents Jessicka with a tarot card, this sends Jessicka into a frenzy. Wilde blindside’s Jessicka with a flurry of strikes and then takes her down at the knee. Wilde hits a backstabber to keep Jessicka down. Jessicka able to build momentum and hits Wilde with a running crossbody. King provides a distraction, but Rosemary takes her out with a spear. Wilde able to capitalise on the distraction and hits Jessicka with a swinging backbreaker, covers Jessicka and gets a 3! An Ok match, I’m hoping that the title match at Rebellion is better. Grade C-

Backstage Segment: Jordynne Grace vows to reclaim the Knockouts World Championship at Rebellion. She says it doesn’t matter if it’s a singles match or a triple threat match.

Backstage Segment: Alisha Edwards tells us the reason she cost PCO the match last week. She says it’s because PCO was not allowing Eddie to put his past behind him. Eddie says that him and Alisha are ride or die, and on Sunday in their Last Rites match, for PCO, it’s just die.

Match 4: Joe Hendry & Dirty Dango vs Callihan & Angels w/ The Design.

Callihan hits Dango with a Death Valley Driver, gaining the early advantage. Angels hits Dango with a flurry of strikes, goes for the pin, but it’s not enough to keep Dango down. Dango and Callihan hit a double clothesline and they are both down. Dango able to make the tag to Hendry, and he comes into the match with speed. Hendry hits Callihan with a fall-away slam, but then is tripped by Kon on the outside. Angels hits Hendry with a Frog Splash, goes for the pin, but it is broken up by Dango. Hendry avoids Callihan’s incoming attack, causing Callihan to collide with Angels. Deaner confronts Callihan about his actions while Hendry hits Angels with a Standing Ovation, covers him and gets a 3. A good match, I’m looking forward to the 6 man tag match at Rebellion. The situation with Callihan and the Design is getting increasingly more interesting. I’m really looking forward to the culmination of it. Grade C+

After the match, the Design attack Hendry and Dango, but Santino makes the save! Santino lays out Angels with the Cobra.

Video Package: A look into Rebellion’s main event. Steve Maclin faces KUSHIDA for the Vacant Impact World Championship.

Video Segment: PCO vows to bury Eddie Edwards in the Last Rites Match at Rebellion.

Backstage Segment: Moose and Brian Myers officially join Team Bully. It seems that Team Bully is united ahead of Hardcore War against Team Dreamer.

Match 5: Gisele Shaw w/ Jai Vidal and Savannah Evans vs Tasha Steelz

Tasha Steelz first match back in Impact. The women exchange slaps in the middle of the ring, Steelz gains the advantage, hitting Shaw with an Uppercut. Shaw retreats to the outside to regain some composure. Back in the ring, Shaw pulls Steelz down by her hair. Shaw distracts the ref and Evans slams Steelz on to the ring apron. Shaw in control of the match after hitting Steelz with a snap suplex. Shaw then hits Steelz with a running corkscrew Uppercut, covers Steelz, but Steelz able to kick out. Steelz hits Shaw with a jumping neckbreaker and follows it up with a running dropkick. Shaw able to counter a bulldog attempt from Steelz, she then hits a lariat to the back of her head. The match spills to the outside, Evans and Vidal distract Steelz. Shaw takes advantage of the distraction and throws Steelz into the ring steps. Shaw pulls down her kneepad, but Steelz is able to avoid the knee strike, causing Shaw to hit the steps with her knee. The match gets back in the ring, Steelz targets Shaw’s knee, hitting it with a running dropkick. Covers Shaw and gets the 3. An ok match. I really want to see a match from Gisele without any form of distraction, I think she has talent but it is overshadowed by the outside shenanigans. Grade C

Backstage Segment: Mickie James tells Santino that she just got off the phone with the doctor. Her final decision regarding her status for Rebellion will be made in the ring next.

Promo for Rebellion: This Sunday, at the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto it’s Rebellion.

- Trey Miguel defends the X-Division Championship in a 3 way elimination match against Jonathan Gresham and Mike Bailey.

- Santino Marella makes his in-ring return, teaming with Joe Hendry and Dirty Dango to take on The Design.

- Team Bully battles Team Dreamer in Hardcore War.

- Motor City Machine Guns challenge for the Impact World Tag Team Championship against Bullet Club in an Ultimate X Match.

- Jordynne Grace takes on Deonna Purrazzo for the Vacant Knockouts World Championship.

- The Main Event sees Steve Maclin and KUSHIDA battle for the Vacant Impact World Championship.

Countdown to Rebellion will feature The Coven defending their Knockouts Tag Team Championship against the Death Dollz and Champagne Singh teaming with Shera to face the team of Heath and Rhino.

In Ring Segment: Mickie James’ Final Decision

There are no fans in the Impact Zone. Mickie stands alone in the ring. Mickie requested that the arena be empty as she could not deliver this decision in front of the fans who supported her throughout the Last Rodeo. Mickie says that as a veteran, she is always reminded of the age difference between her and the rest of the locker room. Mickie says that she has already come to terms with this, but she can’t ignore the pain she endures. Mickie says she must do what is right for the championship and for the Knockouts. Mickie says that after speaking with the doctor, she is not cleared to compete on Sunday. Mickie addresses Purrazzo and Grace, telling them that it is their time now. Mickie relinquishes the Knockouts World Championship, leaving the belt and her cowboy hat in the ring. Impact goes off the air.

A great final episode before Rebellion. A lot of story progression. New members of Team Bully, 2 new champions will definitely be crowned at Rebellion. It is a shame that Mickie isn’t cleared to compete and both the top champions at Impact have had to relinquish their titles in the past couple of weeks. I’m really looking forward to Rebellion on Sunday. There will be a review too! Overall, a good show again from Impact.

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