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Impact Review 20/4/23

Match 1: Time Machine (Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA) vs X-Division Champion Trey Miguel, Jonathan Gresham & Mike Bailey

KUSHIDA targets the arm of Miguel as he sets up for the Hoverboard Lock. Sabin hits Bailey with a bulldog, followed by a kick from KUSHIDA. Sabin continues the assaults with a running dropkick. It seems that Miguel, Gresham and Bailey are not on the same page. Bailey creates some much-needed separation with a kick to Shelley but Time Machine are able to quickly regain control with a double team cutter. Sabin dives through the ropes, taking out both Gresham and Bailey on the floor. Gresham hits a springboard Moonsault to KUSHIDA, followed by a German suplex, covers him but only gets a two. Sabin inadvertently kicks Shelley on the apron. Miguel dives to the outside and he collides with Sabin and Shelley. Bailey soars with a springboard Moonsault, wiping out everyone. KUSHIDA locks in the Hoverboard Lock on Miguel but he is able to make it to the bottom rope. Sabin hits Bailey with a top rope German suplex. Miguel and Gresham are arguing over who Bailey should tag into the match. Bailey delivers Ultima Weapon to the back of Sabin. All three members of Time Machine are able to get their offense in on Miguel. Sabin connects with the Cradle Shock, covers him and gets the pin. Time machine picking up the win. A very impressive match from these 6 men. I love the chemistry and I also enjoy the rivals having to team up. Grade A-

Backstage Interview:

Gia Miller interviews Santino Marella following his in-ring return at Rebellion. Marella says that he may compete from time to time but his main role will continue to be IMPACT Wrestling’s Director of Authority. Alisha Edwards interrupts and demands that Marella does something about PCO putting her husband in a casket last Sunday. Marella tells Alisha that she has a match and it’s next. Zicky Dice has another opponent for Johnny Swinger’s quest to 50 wins. Dice offers to cover his pay and Marella accepts.

Promo Segment:

After once again becoming Knockouts World Champion at Rebellion, Deonna Purrazzo has ushered in a new Age of the Virtuosa.

Match 2: Alisha Edwards vs Tara Rising

Edwards showing a lot of aggression as she tosses Tara by her hair. Tara tries to fight but that makes Alisha even more angry. Tara gets sent to the outside, then driven into the “hardest part of the ring”. Alisha connects with a Facebuster to score a very dominant victory. A squash match, a very suprising one as well. I’ve never seen Alisha give such a dominant performance, but happy to see her back in the ring. She is improving, but a typical squash match. Grade D.

After the match, Alisha continues to beat down Tara until Jody Threat makes the save and sends her retreating up the ramp.

Backstage Segment: Jody Threat tells Tara Rising that she hates when people are taken advantage of. Threat is going to make sure that Alisha Edwards gets what she deserves.

Match 3: Moose w/ Brian Myers vs Yuya Uemura w/ Bhupinder Gujjar

Uemura attempts a slingshot crossbody but Myers sacrifices himself for Moose. Moments later, Moose gains control with a powerbomb into the side of the apron. Back in the ring, Moose slaps Uemura and that fires him up. Uemura fights back with strikes. Myers trips up Uemura on the apron, allowing Moose to regain control with a pump kick. Moose sends him crashing into the steel ring post. Uemura makes it back into the ring at the ref’s count of 6. Uemura takes Moose off his feet with a running dropkick, followed by a bulldog out of the corner. Uemura picks him off the top with an overhead suplex and almost scores the pinfall. Uemura has Moose beat with his signature crossbody but Myers distracts the referee. Gujjar attacks Myers at ringside but the distraction allows Moose to capitalise with a Spear for three. Moose picking up the win. An ok match. Some good back and forth. Would have preferred this match to have been a tag team match rather than a singles match though. Grade C-

Backstage Interview:

Jimmy Jacobs interviews Nick Aldis, who made his shocking return to IMPACT Wrestling this past Sunday at Rebellion. Aldis is thrilled to be back to where it all began for him but says that the first time he won the IMPACT World Title, he wasn’t even close to reaching his full potential. Now Aldis is back and better than ever, and his sights are firmly set on the IMPACT World Champion, Steve Maclin.

Match 4: The Good Hands (John Skyler & Jason Hotch) vs Frankie Kazarian (2-on-1 Handicap Match)

Skyler opens the ropes as Kaz is charging towards them, causing him to crash to the floor. Hotch dives through the ropes, taking out Kaz. Skyler nearly puts Kaz away following a suplex from Hotch. Kaz locks in a Figure Four on Hotch while rolling up Skyler for two. Skyler accidentally collides with Hitch. Kaz takes out Hotch with the slingshot cutter, then traps Skyler in the Chicken Wing to win by submission. I love Kazarian’s matches. He seems to get better with age. This was an good match. It could have been better in my opinion but it wasn’t bad. Grace C.

Backstage Segment:

The dawning of the Age of Aquarius is upon us as Knockouts World Tag Team Champions The Coven target new Knockouts World Champion Deonna Purrazzo.

Backstage Segment:

Callihan reveals that he never had any intention of joining The Design. After making an example out of them at Rebellion, Callihan vows to destroy each and every member of the group.

Match 5: Joe Hendry vs Sheldon Jean – Digital Media Championship

Jean rakes the eyes of Hendry to escape a suplex attempt. Jean pummels Hendry with a series of fists and has him reeling in the corner. Hendry turns the tide with a running cutter. Jean counters the Standing Ovation into a forearm shot. Hendry successfully hits the Standing Ovation to win. Not an impressive match, which is sad because I love Joe Hendry. I wasn’t really expecting a 5* match, but I was probably expecting more than it was. Grade D.

Matches announced for Next Week:

- Jordynne Grace Vs Masha Slamovich

- Bullet Club/ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bet) Vs The Design (Deaner, Angels & Kon)

- Deonna Purrazzo Vs Taylor Wilde for the Knockouts World Championship

In Ring Segment: Steve Maclin’s Changing of the Guard Ceremony

Maclin is accompanied by security guards donning camouflaged attire. Maclin has requested that nobody be present at ringside during the ceremony. Maclin says that despite capturing the IMPACT World Title at Rebellion, his mission is not complete. His goal was to defeat Josh Alexander, the longest-reigning IMPACT World Champion of all time, in his home country of Canada. In order to rectify that, Maclin lays out an open challenge to anyone who wants a shot at his title – as long as they’re Canadian.

IMPACT President Scott D’Amore interrupts and accuses Maclin of ducking Nick Aldis. D’Amore reminds us that Maclin waited until his back was turned to hit him with the championship at Rebellion. D’Amore stands up for his country and says that he has the perfect Canadian to challenge him for the IMPACT World Title at Under Siege – Perfect Creation One.

PCO makes his way to the ring and attacks Maclin’s security. PCO begins to fall victim to the numbers game when he breaks free and brawls with Maclin. PCO is about to make a statement when Maclin escapes his wrath and retreats up the ramp. Instead, PCO drives two members of security through a table.

An ok episode of Impact. The best match was clearly the opening match. It did seem like a little bit of a lackluster episode to follow a PPV, but it seems that it was more of a building episode, trying to create more rivalries. Looking forward to seeing where the new rivalries go.


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