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AEW Dynamite 17 May 2023 Review

This week Dynamite was live from Austin, Texas in the Moody Center. Excaliber, Tony Schiavone, and Tazz were in the commentary booth. From last week Tony Khan had promised a big announcement we will see if it was the announcement about Collision made before the show or something else. Don Callis would also be address the fans about his turning on Kenny Omega and by association the rest of The Elite.

The show started by Wardlow calling Christian Cage out. He even said for him to spit in his face like Christian said he would do. Christian came out with Luchasaurus. Foreseeably this broke into a brawl where Christian and Luchasaurus got the upper hand. The use of the ladder to beat up Wardlow is seemingly setting this feud up to have a ladder match between Wardlow and Christian Cage.

The opening contest was the tag team of Orange Cassidy and Darby Allin against Lee Moriarty and Big Bill. The later two having survived the Firm Deletion Match. There was a good series of pin reversals. I don't recall seeing double pins in that situation. Bryce Resmberg stopping Darby after he didn't see the tag was a bit overdramatic. If Darby was a heel he would have leveled Bryce for the way he did him in my opinion. Orange Cassidy and Darby Allin worked well together as a tag team picking up the win. They were a weird combo since Orange is with Best Friends and Darby is in the world title picture.

Go to the parking lot for the Young Bucks arriving. They started the fight but the Blackpool Combat Club finished the fight. These brawls have been leading to a four on four match for a while it still just remains to be seen when, where, and how.

Renee Paquette gave a medical update. Arn Anderson looked pissed at what happened earlier. As mentioned earlier the use of the ladder foreshadowed the challenge to a ladder match for the TNT title at Double or Nothing. The next segment Renee was back with Orange Cassidy. He just said he will take on anyone and Kyle Fletcher just has to get Tony Khan to make it.

Sammy faced off against Exodus Prime from Oklahoma in a quick match. Sammy easily picked up the victory. Then Guevara cut a promo about how he is nostalgic for Austin. He has made mistakes but needed to do so in order to get to where he wanted and is now. He is really setting himself up to be a babyface in this Double or Nothing Fatal 4-way.

Tony Schiavone brought Jarrett and his crew to the ring. FTR prevented them from even getting off the ramp. Nice touch of Dax ripping Jay Lethal's clothes off. Not as good as Spears losing his pants and showing Tully underwear. Karen Jarrett made her AEW debut with a low blow on Cash turning the tide of the brawl. The peronalized guitars did not hit the head matching the names.

Excalibur explained away Jayme Haiter not tagging with Dr. Britt Baker as she was not cleared to wrestle. This is nice rather than just having two people thrown together. This was a nice tag match if felt completive and no obvious winner. While Sarya distracted the ref, Toni Storm sprayed Britt in the face blinding her for the Storm Zero and a victory.

Renee is really getting a lot of air time tonight. After the segment where Orange said he would face anyone if Tony made it official. He set up a Black Jack Casino Battle Royal for Double or nothing. With eleven days away the Double or Nothing card is shaping up. This Battle Royal is also a way to remove the title from Orange so he can heal up and still be protected.

Tony Khan confirmed that the big announcement was Collision. He listed the tour which will feature the new show. Next week he will announce where it will debut. Rumors have placed the debut show in Chicago.

The Falls Count Anywhere match with Adam Cole and The J.A.S banned from the building just screams for it to go outside the arena which they did. Adam Cole Bay-Bay was waiting outside. This was Roderick Strong's first match in AEW. It just proves Strong made the right decision not to stay as a coach in the WWE. The hard hits from the chops really lit up both men's chests. Nice pin fall in the staircase. Roderick Strong picked up the win outside the arena.

Like most of Jungle Boys matches he started out getting beat up. Jungle Boy started bleeding early in the match. Awesome Belly to Belly suplex from the apron. Jack Perry's landing looked a little risky. The roll up with grabbing the trunk's of Rush was a nice quick victory for Jungle Boy. Darby Allin, and Sammy Guevara coming out to save Jungle Boy from he beat down by Los Ingobernables was a decent touch. The last few weeks has really been building to the Four Pillars Match.

This match is not the one I would have thought to be the main event for the night. All men are phenomenal; it is just a bit out of left field since the last few weeks have been building to the Four Pillars match. The match had great action just not much that stood out as something to mention. When wrestlers are great it is hard to find things that stand out. Jay White wins by DQ. This feud is not over yet. Will we see Ricky Starks and Bullet Club Gold facing off at Double or Nothing?

Tony Schiavone was given the segment with Don Callis. As they re-enforce each week no one on commentary likes Don. The audience really let out a chorus of boos. Don Callis claiming all of the success Kenny had is a typical heel promo after a break up. Kenny interrupting the promo was a bit unexpected for me. I figured he would take time to sell the injury. Blackpool Combat Club beating Omega down isn't too big a surprise. Adam Page returning and reuniting with The Elite to even the odds is nice. Poor Wheeler Yuta taking all the bumps. Page announces the return of Anarchy in the Arena. Finally, we know what the match will be for the two groups.

Negatives of the night includes lots of jump starts to matches. Additionally so much Renee. They have other back stage interviews. The only one on one match was a squash most others involved some form of interference.

Highlight is ending the Falls Count Anywhere outside. Sucks for fans in the arena but was good for television. The mention of a new record or four wins in five days for Toni Storm. Hangman returning and wearing an eye patch to still sell his screwdriver to the eye. This is like when Mox kept the eye patch after Jericho spike his eye.


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