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We at Real Rasslin have come to learn.

WWE 2K24 has made a big tease related to the Undertaker set to be revealed this coming Monday, January 22.

Shared by the WWE games Twitter account, an ominous announcement appears in the works related to the Undertaker.

Dropping merely a coffin emoji, a date and the hashtag #WWE2K24 there was also an attached photo.

A standing up casket was shown, faintly lit by a purple glow and with WWE 2k24 engraved on the lid.

With a new edition of WWE 2k seemingly fast approaching, fans are anticipating the reveal of the actual release date as well as the much speculated about cover star.

Elsewhere from WWE 2k24, images with simply the logo for the game and the date of 1.22.24 were also shared, further leading to speculation of what the announcement may be.

With the Undertaker obviously having a multitude of epic matches, moments and big storylines throughout his career, perhaps there is an upcoming Undertaker mode or even casket matches.

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