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WWE Tag Team Potentially Splitting Up

On last night’s WWE SmackDown, another tease that tag team champions are close to fully breaking up after more strife.

Last week on SmackDown, Austin Theory was in the ring while Grayson Waller at ringside made it clear to Corey Graves and Wade Barrett that he was the one giving Theory ‘the rub’.

It was Waller’s turn in the ring on tonight’s SmackDown as Austin Theory stood at ringside, but things still managed to go awry between the pair.

While Waller picked up the win in the end, it certainly came at the cost of Theory as Waller was down on the outside of the ring being checked on by Theory.

When Waller seemingly noticed a flying Johnny Gargano incoming, he instead got out of the way and pulled Theory into Gargano’s path take the totality of the move, slamming him into the commentary desk.

Waller was able to win, but after the match, Austin Theory sat on the floor at ringside still looking stunned while Waller mugged about his win.

The teases continue as a top WWE star has recently commented his belief that Austin Theory is set to become a future WWE World Champion.

Photo credit WWE

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