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WWE Star Reveals Whereabouts During Wyatt Sicks Raw Debut

Following Monday’s show, WWE star Xavier Woods of The New Day has revealed his whereabouts during The Wyatt Sicks Raw debut.

On the June 17 edition of Monday Night Raw, the new Wyatt Family group led by Uncle Howdy made their debut after weeks of QR code teases.

The group named “The Wyatt Sicks” consisted of Bo Dallas playing Uncle Howdy, Nikki Cross in a Sister Abigail-inspired character, Erick Rowan as Ramblin Rabbit, Dexter Lumis as Mercy The Buzzard and Joe Gacy as Huskus The Pig.

Their debut featured multiple stars including GUNTHER, Braun Strowman and Chad Gable being attacked backstage in an apparent bloody beatdown backstage.

On June 18, New Day’s Xavier Woods took to social media to comment on where he was during The Wyatt Sicks’ debut. He wrote:

Something didn’t feel right last night so we rolled out of there early. Good thing we did cause we prolly wouldn’t have made it out otherwise.

Photo credit WWE

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