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WWE Star Reveals Real-Life Relationships Between Faction Members

A WWE star has opened up about the real-life relationships between faction members and reveals that not all factions get along.

In a recent chat with Inside the Ropes, Noam Dar spoke about how the fan favorite WWE NXT faction Meta-Four gets along in real life.

Noam Dar said about the faction (consisting of himself, Lash Legend, Jakara Jackson and Oro Mensah):

“Not only is it paying off now, I’m now on a platform in which I can build that further. Meta-Four came around firstly as something different and not just what most people would just expect of a group, how a group gets brought together, or the dynamic of a group.

I have great personal relationships with all of them. Me and [Oro] Mensah go back to NXT UK, Lash Legend came over to NXT UK and we hit it off right away. Jakara Jackson has always been close friends with Lash and that community between us was very immediate, which is important. It’s also not essential.

“A lot of times people in groups or factions or stables, whatever you want to call them, they don’t always necessarily have the best personal dynamic not in the sense that there’s friction, but they’re just professionally focused.

But for us it was important to make sure that everything feels right to us from the ground up and even know everything feels right to us, and we all feel represented in the right way.

“So we’ll have that same feeling that I’m talking about, have the same feeling of like okay, I’m betting on myself, I’m trying to do it my way. And with the steps I’m taking it feels like the steps that I intuitively want to take, then those steps can either be developed here, developed there, taken this way, taken that way, and just let it be more genuine.

“The four of us believe that we’ll be superstars in WWE, the four of us believe that whilst we could wait for certain opportunities, we can just collect ourselves together and start demanding those opportunities, demanding those spots and putting ourselves in those scenarios maybe before we’ve been given them.”

Meta-Four is currently involved in an intriguing storyline with NXT World Champion Trick Williams after it was revealed that not only are Trick and Lash Legend romantically linked, Noam Dar is also targeting the champ.

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