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There was mid-match chaos in NXT Spring Breakin’ main event as the NXT Women’s Champ was injured during the match.

Tiffany Stratton hit a big dive off the top rope to the outside, the landing looked awkward as champion Indi Hartwell appeared to take the brunt of the fall, catching Tiffany Stratton with Indi Hartwell’s leg ending up in a bad position.

With Indy Hartwell down at ringside, Roxanne Perez and Tiffany Stratton continued the match while the crowd was largely silent for a period, staring at what was going on with the current NXT Women’s Champion.

Indy Hartwell was then taken to the back by a member of the medical team as she’d legitimately gotten hurt.

However, she wouldn’t stay down as she ran back out to continue to defend her title by the end of the match.

Powering through the adversity, Indy Hartwell rejoined the match with a hobble but valiantly fought on regardless.

After battling back, Indi Hartwell was able to pin Roxanne Perez to retain her NXT Women’s Championship after pulling Tiffany Stratton out of the ring when Tiffany Stratton herself had tried to pin Roxanne Perez.

Based on the reception and praise for Ondy Hartwell from NXT talent on Twitter, including heels Jacy Jayne and Grayson Waller so it would be out of character for them to praise her, it seems her injury was legitimate.

Dijak also tweeted he was with Hartwell in medical when she was getting it looked at and she was “no selling the s**t out of it like an absolute badass”.

The decision was made that she was able to go back out for the end of the match, but the injury itself wasn’t a planned storyline or anything like that, it was legitimate.


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