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WWE Smackdown Review 12/01/2024

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiserweights bringing you your Smackdown Review. So let's get into it.

Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves welcome us to Lincoln, Nebraska. Grayson Waller and some fake boos head to the ring, his lesser iteration Austin Theory is right behind him. Because we can’t just start a wrestling show with a wrestling match we get a recap of AJ Styles vs. La Knight vs. Randy Orton from last week and the resulting Fatal 4-Way after Roman and the Bloodline got involved. We then get a few clips from after the show stuff when Heyman informed Roman of that ruling.

Back towards the ring where the Bloodline have jumped Cameron Grimes, and Solo Sikoa with a Samoan Spike while the Tribal Clown Jannetty Uso jumps around. Official and security show up and get beaten down as well. Nick Aldis shows up as well while Grayson Waller and Austin Theory run away. Paul Heyman has a mic, he claims they’re not the bad guys here and instead blames Aldis for this. Aldis made that Fatal 4-Way at the Rumble, a match where it’s practically guaranteed that the title would change hands. I’m not sure a statistical analysis would bear that out. Aldis gets on the apron while Heyman repeats himself, and then Aldis takes Heyman’s mic. Heyman stops Solo from jumping into things. Aldis says this is not a conversation between equals, that the Rumble match is a done deal and this is the second time in two weeks the Bloodline have ruined a match, and won't ruin the main event since the Bloodline will be in the main event taking on AJ Styles, LA Knight, and Randy Orton taking on Jimmy, Solo, and Roman Reigns. Heyman gets the mic and says that everyone knows Roman isn’t here, Aldis says that’s right, Roman once again started something he doesn’t want to finish so Jimmy and Solo have until the end of the show to find a partner or face a 3 on 2 handicap match. I was a little worried that Aldis would be leaning heel after his introduction but as simply a no nonsense figure he’s playing wonderfully off of Roman and Heyman.

Santos Escobar comes out escorting Angel and Humberto, we get a brief video from those three that sends us to break.

Post break Jimmy complains to Solo that they won't find a tag team partner. Heyman says there’s a pack of people who have wanted into the Bloodline and he’ll fix this. Jimmy is still worried, but Solo is not.

Back to the ring and here come Wilde and Cruz, and Escobar has joined commentary.

Match 1 – Angel and Humberto w/ Santos Escobar vs. Cruz del Toro and Joaquin Wilde w/ Zelina Vega

We get brawling with all four men right away, Angel and Cruz wind up in the ring legally and Cruz gets the better of things then ejects Angel. Humberto gets tossed as well to set up a double dive from Wilde and Cruz. Back in the ring Angel kicks down Cruz and tags in Humberto. Humberto runs into an arm drag but Angel holds the ropes open and Cruz goes spilling to the floor during some rope running. Angel with a knee to the face of Cruz and that sends us to break.

We come back to Angel grabbing a Gory Special on Cruz then setting up a flipping Cutter from Humberto who’s tagged in but that just gets 2 on the cover. Cruz fights back with a jawbreaker, Angel tags in but can’t stop Cruz from tagging out. Wilde gets to be the proverbial house on fire for a bit including a jumping DDT but Humberto breaks up the pin. Cruz and Humberto fight, Wilde winds up dumping them then he climbs up top but Angel crotches him on the top rope. Angel chops Wilde then tags in Humberto, and then both toss Wilde from the top rope to the mat. Angel disposes of Cruz, Humberto misses a moonsault but winds up hitting a spinning sit out powerbomb for a near fall. Humberto tags out but then eats a poisoned rana from Wilde. Angel with a superkick but he posts himself charging after Wilde. Cruz with a double springboard dropkick to Humberto then a triangle corkscrew plancha to wide out Humberto. Carlito’s music hits and he jumps Escobar from behind. Escobar and Carlito brawl through the crowd towards the back. Angel counters an attempted Victory Roll by sitting on Wilde, then grabs the ropes for leverage and gets the pin.

Official Winners - Angel and Humberto won in 9:53

Official thoughts - These two teams probably didn’t need 9 minutes as this felt a little off down the stretch. I don’t mind Angel and Humberto cheating to win, but going as even as they did with two guys who have very little momentum and credibility on the main roster is a slightly weird choice. But all four men can go and if part of the goal here was to get Cruz and Wilde to be seen more seriously then I think it’s a decent first step in that direction.

In the back Aldis talks with Carmelo Hayes, their conversation is interrupted by Waller and Theory. Hayes and Waller bicker and Hayes offers a match with Waller tonight, Waller declines but offers Theory instead. Aldis likes that and says it’s a done deal and we head to break.

The LWO walk and talk, Paul Heyman walks up and offers Carlito that spot in the main event. Carlito is looking for a fight, but only with Escobar and declines the offer.

Next, a recap of Kevin Owens beating Santos Escobar last week and then clocking Logan Paul with his wrist cast.

Video from Logan Paul, he’s not in Nebraska because why would he be there? He’s been talking to his lawyer and plans on making Owens remove that cast for their match.

To the ring and here’s Bianca Belair, she’ll take on Bayley after this break.

We come back to see Tyler Bate and Butch talking over coffee. Bate wants to reform the British Strong Style, he wants them to work on meditation together. Butch had a laugh beating up Pretty Deadly but it was a one off. Bate again pitches reforming their partnership, they tease maybe switching Butch’s name but we get a cut before that’s resolved.

Back to the ring and here comes Bayley with the rest of Damage Control in tow.

Match 2: Bianca Belair vs. Bayley w/ Kairi Sane, Iyo Sky, Dakota Kai, and Asuka

Circling to start then a tie up, they fight for position before Bayley grabs a school boy for 2. Belair returns the roll up a few times then runs into a clothesline from Bayley. Belair cares not and kicks up then knocks Bayley over and mocks her. Arm wringer from Belair and Bayley heads to the apron then back into the ring to tie up Belair’s arm in the ropes. Bayley steps back from Belair as they’re back in the ring proper. Bayley lands an elbow then some rope running but she’s back dropped by Belair who then hits a standing moonsault for 2. Boot from Bayley then clubbing blow to drop Bayley again. Belair fights back with a scoop slam, then another, and a third just because she can. Bayley sends Belair into the second rope but no cheap shots from the peanut gallery, though Belair uses the distraction to make a comeback and bounces Bayley into the ring post and sends her to the floor, then follows with a plancha that sends us to break.

Bayley is working the arm of Belair as we come back. Some blow from Bayley to keep control but Belair fights back with a roll up for 2. Bayley knees the body and tries to keep control but Belair then plants her with a spinebuster and both women are down. Belair starts her comeback now and goes for a 10 punch but Bayley avoids that and hangs up Belair in the ropes before landing a running knee. Bayley ties Belair’s hair to the bottom rope and punches Belair for a bit. Another knee from Bayley, then she tries a third but Belair pulls away and trips her with her braid. Belair kicks Bayley into the corner and unties her hair then starts bouncing Bayley into the ring apron. Modified bow and arrow hold around the post from Belair, but Bayley fights back and yanks Belair into the post. Both women head to the floor now, but Bayley gets picked up and tossed into the ring post again. Back in the ring Belair with some shoulder blows in the corner, then Bayley takes the Hitman corner bump before eating a suplex from Belair. Belair goes for a 10 punch in the corner again, this time it works and Belair goes all the way to 20 before flipping out of the corner and hitting a backbreaker for a 2 count. Bayley tries to block a handspring moonsault but Belair blocks it only for Bayley to sling her into the corner again. Belair with a flapjack to Bayley then the handspring moonsault for another 2 count. Hard right hand from Belair, then she wants a Kiss of Death but Bayley slips free and slams Belair into the corner. Bayley is up top and hits an elbow drop for a near fall. They trade roll ups but they’re basically in the ropes so none of that matters, then Bayley tosses Belair out of the ring. Bayley distracts the ref and tries to tell Damage Control to get Belair but they don’t attack. Damage Control seems content to just watch. Bayley sends Belair back into the ring and stares down everyone but still no physicality. Back in the ring, Belair hits a Spear, then a Kiss of Death to end things.

Official Winner - Bianca Belair won in 16:27

Official thoughts - These two have good chemistry and it was on display here, some nice physicality but sadly not much of a physical story as the drama was all around what Damage Control was doing on the outside. But especially down the stretch, this got pretty good.

Post match Bayley rolls out of the ring and tries to commiserate with Damage Control.

Kevin Owens response video, says if Logan wants to call the cast an unfair advantage that’s fine. We both know his broken hand isn’t a liability for Logan, it’s one for Owens. Well, they need to talk about this, face to face next week, on the Kevin Owens show. That sends us to break.

Back from break, we see Damage Control talk in the back, Bayley wants to know what’s up and Dakota says they didn’t want to cause a DQ. Bayley should have been good to beat Belair and she’ll have to win the Rumble on her own. The Rumble should be Bayley’s focus now, and everyone else walks off.

To the ring here comes Bobby Lashley with the Street Profits in tow. All three of them are clearly in a fighting mood but Bobby has a mic. Bobby tells the Authors of Pain and Karrion Kross that jumping them from behind only got them a fight they can’t win. They do business face to face, they won't hide in the shadows, they ball up their fists and fight. So if that group want to settle things, come on down and do it right now. The lights go out, and Paul Ellering is on the stage to point at the titan tron. Kross says, his purpose for the last few years has been showing corruption by breaking people on the inside. Well, now it’s time to break people on the outside. Bobby and company are going to be deconstructed, and Kross has brought back Akam and Rezar to facilitate that, plus having Paul Ellering. They are the Final Testament.

In the back Paul Heyman is upset, Pretty Deadly come up and stammers their way into offering their services. Heyman reminds them he only needs one person tonight against AJ, Knight, and Randy. This makes Pretty Deadly stammer and respectfully depart.

We get a quick highlight for Carmelo Hayes. After that here comes Hayes, after this break, he’ll take on Austin Theory.

Post break Bobby and the Profits walk in the back. Heyman approaches Bobby as a longtime friend and offers him a slot in the main event. Bobby admits they’re old friends, but his only interest in the Bloodline is standing across from Roman Reigns.

Back to the ring, here’s Austin Theory and they’re not even bothering to sweeten his boos much anymore.

Match 3 - Carmelo Hayes vs. Austin Theory w/ Grayson Waller

Tie up and the larger Theory overpowers Hayes at first. Hayes grabs a side headlock, Theory counters into one of his own but then he runs into a chop. Some mat wrestling, then Hayes lands a right hand as it seems like a minor communication issue. They run the ropes and Hayes easily avoids Theory then hits a lovely looking dropkick. Theory begs off then hits a cross chop and runs over Hayes. Hayes boots Theory between the ropes then hits a fade away leg drop, then a jumping DDT to spike Theory on the apron and send us to break.

Theory eats a jawbreaker as we come back, then trips Hayes into the corner and hits the rolling dropkick to send Hayes out of the ring. Theory begs for boos, he gets some pity from the crowd. Hayes avoids a suplex from the apron and hits a modified suplex of his own to send Theory back into the ring. Hayes looks to fire up with a Manhattan Drop and some chops, then unloads with his right hand and hits a springboard clothesline. La Mistica from Hayes gets a 2 count. Waller tries a distraction, partially successful as Hayes and Theory trade roll ups then Hayes with a superkick. Theory blocks a Codebreaker and hangs Hayes over the top rope. Hayes kicks Theory off the ropes but Theory jumps up for an avalanche Flatliner but that had a very awkward landing for both men and the ref immediately waves this one off.

Official Winner - Ref Stoppage at 9:20 or so

Official thoughts - Theory landed on the side of his head coming down from that move and looks to be the one out of action while Hayes seems OK. Shame about the ending as while I don’t like Theory I certainly don’t wish injury on him. Hayes looked pretty good and I’m very curious to see him more full time on the main roster.

Looks like Theory not only landed on the side of his head, but part of Hayes might have landed on top of him.

Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn get a tag team title shot next week, plus we’ll get Logan Paul on the KO Show. And, naturally, we’ll have a contract signing for the Fatal 4-Way title match.

In the back the Bloodline is disappointed, Heyman has to sell that he couldn’t find a partner for them. There’s no one worthy of being by their side, Heyman’s not worried. Jimmy is worried, because he’s a clown, but Solo isn’t worried. Well if Solo isn’t worried then Jimmy’s not worried.

Back to the ring, here comes Randy Orton but Solo and Jimmy jump him on the ramp. Solo with a Samoan Spike to Randy as we head to break.

Post break Solo and Jimmy are in the ring and we get a recap of them taking out Randy Orton just before the break and Randy staggered to the back during the break. One imagines he’ll make a heroic third act return, but in the interim here comes AJ Styles still in that very odd coat. LA Knight follows, still getting very good pops.

Match 4 – 3 on 2 Handicap Tag Team Match: Randy Orton, LA Knight, and AJ Styles vs. Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso w/ Paul Heyman

AJ and Knight bicker about who starts, and Jimmy attacks Knight to settle the issue. Jimmy lays in strikes to Knight but Knight fights back with a running neckbreaker. Knight with some rights then he tags in AJ. AJ and Knight with a double back elbow to Jimmy, then AJ starts laying into Jimmy with strikes. Knight back in and resumes landing strikes to Jimmy and stomps him down in the corner. AJ back in and they continue beating up Jimmy. Sliding forearm from AJ gets 2. Jimmy tries to fight back with strikes, because of what’s selling, but then AJ drops him with a dropkick and clotheslines him out of the ring. Solo attacks AJ, but Knight is here and both he and AJ lay into Solo with strikes then clothesline him out of the ring as well and we head to break.

Solo is working a nerve hold on AJ as we come back. AJ fights back but runs into a back elbow. Solo wants a hip attack and hits it, rocking AJ. Jimmy lays in a cheap shot, that draws Knight to menace him on the floor but nothing comes of it. Solo tags out, and AJ takes the old Wishbone Splitter. The crowd, “Jey is better” at Jimmy and there are no lies detected. AJ fights out of the heel corner and unloads a striking flurry on Jimmy to put him down. Solo over to keep Knight from tagging out but Knight is able to launch Solo into the ring steps. AJ with a Pele kick to Jimmy and they’re both down again. Knight wants the tag, AJ thinks about it and they argue for a minute which allows Jimmy to recover and superkick Knight. AJ and Jimmy with a double crossbody spot and everyone’s down. Solo climbs back onto the apron, but here comes Randy Orton again. Randy looks pissed and Solo looks shaken. Randy climbs up and gets the tag from AJ, then absolutely demolishes Jimmy and Solo for a bit. Snap powerslam to Jimmy, then the hanging DDT. Randy wants the RKO, but Jimmy avoids it with a roll up then hits a superkick Randy cares not for selling and hits the RKO to win.

Official Winners - Randy Orton, AJ Styles, and LA Knight won in 11:40

Official thoughts - Perfectly acceptable for what it was, I particularly enjoy that Knight is always the one to take on Solo whenever Solo shows up. It’s a small character bit but everyone else being at least respectful of what Solo represents while Knight doesn’t care at all is nice.

Post match Solo attacks Randy but here’s AJ with the Phenomenal Forearm to him then Knight kills Solo with a Blunt Force Trauma. Knight and AJ keep arguing as Randy drops Solo with an RKO for good measure, but Randy is a vicious man and goes after Jimmy now. AJ and Randy attack Jimmy on the floor, Randy has the ring steps and brains Jimmy with them then Knight tosses Jimmy over the barricade. Solo is alone now and all three men help Knight hit the Shield Bomb through the announce table and our trio of challengers stand tall to close the episode while Heyman looks aghast and calls Roman.


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