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WWE's Natalya Says There Will Be A Fourth-Generation Star In The Hart Family

Even as her situation with WWE appears to be up in the air as her contract is set to expire, Natalya is still going strong, having one of the best years of her career in the ring thanks to matches like her NXT Underground fight against Lola Vice. As such, she remains one of the three members of the Hart Family, alongside cousins Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Matt Hart, still in the wrestling business, continuing the family's association with wrestling that goes back to the 1940s.

According to Natalya, that run won't end when her, Davey Boy Smith Jr, and Matt Hart eventually call it quits in the ring. Sitting down with former WWE colleague McKenzie Mitchell, Natalya was asked about the Hart Family's future in wrestling after she and her cousins retire and revealed that one of her nephews is looking to make a career in wrestling, though he still has some time before that could become reality.

"My nephew Maddox, he wants to be a WWE superstar," Natalya said. "He's still little. He's only 12. But he wants to get into it. And he's been training with me and TJ at the Dungeon. So he does amateur wrestling in school, and yeah...he wants to be a WWE superstar. He wants to get into wrestling. So I always say 'You've got to dream big.' But Maddox's wrestler is Jey Uso, okay? And Jey Uso has given Maddox many pieces of...he gave Maddox a shirt that he wore to the ring, and a pair of his glasses, and sent Maddox a video. So Maddox is very inspired. So I think there will be a fourth generation Hart."

Thank you to "McKenzie Mitchell" for the transcription

Photo Credit: WWE

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