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WWE Raw Review 22/5/23

This week's Raw is live from The GIANT Center in Hershey PA.

Backstage Segment:

We kick off tonight’s episode with Cody Rhodes arriving at the arena and being attacked by Brock Lesnar. Brock throws Cody around, throwing him into equipment and shouting at Cody to fight him. Cody is leaning against a shutter and Brock picks up a barrel/keg and smashes it into Cody’s arm, causing Cody to scream in agony.

In Ring Segment:

Paul Heyman is standing in the ring. He introduces himself and he says he had nothing to do with the attack that was just shown. He says that it is only an example of what Cody is in for at Night of Champions when he attempts to slay the beast. Heyman says he understands how his special appearance on Raw last week was so well received, he has been invited back again this week to enlighten everyone.

He says there are three main events at Night of Champions capped off by the historic battle in which Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will lose the undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships back to the Bloodline. Heyman says with The Usos watching proud at home, the new Tag Team Champions will be Solo and the Tribal Chief, the Undisputed WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reigns.

Heyman says for the final time before Night of Champions, welcome to Monday Night Raw!

Kevin’s music hits and out comes Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Heyman leaves the ring as Owens and Zayn make their way to the ring. Zayn asks where Heyman went, he must think they have a score to settle after what he did last week but they feel pretty good. Zayn says they are heading into the biggest title match they could have against Solo and Reigns. Zayn says this is important to him but he already said everything there is to say to Roman’s face.

Owens says a few weeks ago, Roman dedicated the win he thinks they will have against them to the Wild Samoans. He says he would like to dedicate their win at Night of Champions to the true pillars of the Bloodline, Jimmy and Jey Uso. Zayn tells him that that is at Night of Champions but they have business tonight.

Imperium’s music hits and they make their way to the ring. Imperium climb onto the ring apron and surround the ring as Matt Riddle runs to the ring and joins Zayn and Owens. Imperium then back off as Gunther tells them all to leave. Imperium then run back down to the ring but Zayn, Owens and Riddle throw Kaiser and Vinci to the outside. It takes all three of them to throw Gunther over the top rope and to the outside of the ring.

Backstage Segment:

Byron Saxton is backstage and he says it is not clear if Cody will be able to compete at Night of Champions. Adam Pearce walks in and says Cody is still being evaluated and is still