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WWE NXT Review 19/03/2024

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiser weights bringing you your NXT Review. So let's get into it.


Roxy attacks Tatum during her entrance with a clothesline but gets slammed into the apron and they get into the ring. The bell rings and Roxy stomps at Tatum before getting slammed into the corner and beat down. Roxy out of the ring, Tatum through the ropes with a dropkick and head smash with her legs. Back in the ring, dropkick by Tatum who charges into a drop-toe hold into the bottom rope. Single-arm DDT by Roxy, who works Tatum’s arm over through the bottom rope. Whip across the ring and a charging Euro uppercut, side Russian legsweep for two.

Roxy continues to work the arm over and wraps it around her leg, followed by a shot to the back and hyperextending the elbow. Cover gets only one bur Roxy into a chinlock, Tatum with an armdrag and roll-up for two.

Tatum lays in a punch and another ROxy with a spin kick to the gut but gets knocked down. Tatum builds up momentum and hits a dropkick, then kicks combos with an enzuigiri finisher. She charges at Roxy in the corner, Roxy moves but a Russian legsweep is blocked with a knee to the face and then a spinning slam for two.

Roxy counters a manoeuvre and hits Pop Rocks right into the crossface for the submission.

Official Winner - Roxanne Perez (4:00)

Official thoughts - Very decent for a squash match. Tatum got her bit of offence but this was all about Roxy beating the ad before she eventually takes on the boss monster.

Roxy gets a mic after the match and says it’s been one week and she isn’t waiting any longer. She demands that Ava comes out and gives her the title she deserves and never lost.

LYRA’S MUSIC HITS! Lyra comes out with her arm in a sling and batters Roxy, but Roxy shoves Lyra into Tatum and takes her down. She rips off the sling and goes into a crossface on the floor, officials come out to break it up. Roxy grabs the title and holds it up over Lyra.

Noam is with Meta-Four and says last week Trick attacked him from behind and can’t wait to get his hands on Trick. Lash can’t wait to get her hands on him either, shocking Meta-Four. Alpha Academy come in but say they aren’t here for them. Otis says he’s jealous of Trick and Lash says no way. Meta-Four leaves and AA heads their way.

Back in medical, Lyra insists she’s fine and medical says she’s cleared. Lyra says to make the match for Stand & Deliver for the NXT Women’s Championship. Ava says if Lyra wants the match, she’s got it.

Josh Briggs walks up to Booker and Vic and grabs a mic before stepping into the ring. He says Oba Femi is going to talk about how he damn near put Brooks through the ring. He says Brooks will be fine, but has an issue with the fact that Oba did it with a smile. He says Oba was there to wound and dares Femi to try and do the same to him.

And HERE’S OBA! Femi says he’s surprised Josh didn’t enjoy his match from last week but says he has a point. He enjoys testing a man’s limits and pushing him to the edge. When he steps into the ring, there’s no room for emotions: only results. And his results speak volumes.

Oba says Briggs is a man of courage and steadfast, and Briggs cuts him off saying Oba has confidence and thinks he’s the baddest person here, but like everyone else, he meets someone a bit tougher. He says he’s Josh Briggs, the man of mayhem, and this is NXT where he throws hands. He challenges Femi to an NXT North American Title match.

Femi says “Don’t say I didn’t warn you”

AND HERE’S DIJAK! Dijak steps into the ring and starts off with Oba, then says Oba is the Man of Destiny, but not of memory because last week he said he’d be the man waiting when Oba was done playing around. He says Oba is ducking him and Josh calls Dijak “Wannabe Shaft.”

Dijak questions it, and says “I don’t know if you can see this, bro, but I’m white.” He says Briggs can get lost because this is about him and Oba. Oba says it’s not between them because it’s Oba and everyone else. Dijak gets in Oba’s face, Briggs shoves him into Oba and it becomes a near brawl before officials stop it.

Shawn Spears is happy backstage and says that’s “it” in its purest form. Pride always goes before a fall. Such a shame. He leaves and Joe Gacy pops out from the floor saying, “But is it?

We get a recap of Trick’s promo from last week and his challenge to Melo for NXT Stand & Deliver, which is officially set. Carmelo Hayes has arrived in the parking lot with his security team. And you know what? It’s the NXT parking lot, so fair.


Dempsey and Borne are repping NQCC. Axiom starts with Dempsey and they go into some counterwrestling off the top. They break after some back and forth and lock up, Axiom with a snapmare into a headlock which Dempsey reverses, gets reversed and Dempsey with the headlock. Axiom with a short-arm clothesline to the back and quick tag, Frazer with a dropkick to a downed Dempsey for one.

Dempsey tags in Borne who is taken down Axiom with a blind tag and they send Borne to the outside. Frazer goes into the ropes for a dive but Axiom makes the save and dives to Borne and Dempsey by Axiom and Frazer, respectively. Borne back in, Axiom with a high crossbody off the top but Borne rolls through. Uranage countered into a DDT, and Dempsey got the blind tag and hit a wheelbarrow suplex. Axiom to the outside in front of the NQCC and we go to the PIP break.

We’re back as Axiom leaps off the ropes but is caught by Dempsey for a suplex and bridge for two. Dempsey controls Axiom, who fights back and hits a chop. They trade chops, Dempsey takes over but Axiom fires back and tags in Frazer who hits a double dropkick to NQCC. Frazer picks up speed and takes Borne down, Standing Shooting Star Press for a nearfall.

Frazer goes up top, Phoenix Splash but Borne misses. Frazer kicks Dempsey as he charges, leaps off the top but is CAUGHT with a big powerslam for two! Spinning powerslam, cover but Axiom throws Dempsey on them to break up the pin.

Frazer goes to make the tag but Axiom isn’t there. Borne put up top, the tag is made, double thrust kick, Axiom up top — SPANISH FLY! Phoenix Splash! Axiom takes out Dempsey and that’s it!

Official Winners - Axiom & Nathan Frazer (9:48)

Official thoughts - Technically proficient and high flying fun. I have zero complaints here, this was a great TV match.

We get a recap of Lexis King beating Mr Stone last week and then attacking post-match until Von Wagner makes the save.

The NXT Anonymous account captures Stone being pissed at Von for carrying him out like a baby. Von says he’s not trying to embarrass him and will make this right. Stone yells at Von to do whatever he wants and storms off.

Kelly is with Bron and Baron and Baron cuts off her question talking about how they’ll find out the third person for the #1 contender’s match. Bron apologizes to him and they argue about who picked up the check at dinner last night.

Alpha Academy walks in and Maxxine Dupri suggests that they have a match next week. If AA win then they’re in the Tag Title match at Stand & Deliver. Bron accepts and Baron isn’t happy but says the match is set, though they’ll regret it. Bron puts Otis and Akira over as incredible athletes but says next week it’s going to be Spear, End of Days and it’s over, just like their dreams.


Circle and Sol with a waistlock takedown to start. She goes into a front facelock, Brinley with an armdrag but Sol lands on her feet. Snapmare and Brinley stays on her feet, headlock to Ruca. Reece shoots off the ropes but cinches in the headlock, Sol powers out of it and reverses. Shot into the ropes, they dip and dodge and Sol eventually hits a facebuster for two.

Headlock by Sol, she puts Brinley on the mat. Brinley to her feet, she escapes and rolls up SOl for one. Brinley with clotheslines and a bodyslam, handspring clothesline and gets Sol on her shoulders. Sol escapes and puts Reece on the top for a chop and straitjacket slam.

Booker covers for referencing Enofe and Blade incorrectly by saying he doesn’t know who they are (because he’s the worst) as Sol hits a double underhook suplex but gets shoved into the corner. Brinley charges the corner and Sol dodges, Soul Snatcher finishes it.

Official Winner - Sol Ruca (3:19)

Official thoughts - An okay squash match to give Sol a return win.

Post-match, Blair attacks Sol from behind and hits her signature knee strike.

The D’Angelo Family WALKS backstage.

Gigi and Wren Sinclair are talking about Gigi’s loss last week by DQ to Arianna Grace. Grace walks in and says the ref’s decision was final and that her act was accidental while Gigi’s was intentional. She says bringing out the lady in Gigi will be hard but worth the task. She calls Gigi “Georgina”: and gives her a sash that says “Ms. NXT In Training.” Ms. NIT?

Ridge Holland's video in which he says his effort to redeem himself isn’t going the way he hoped, and his match with Shawn Spears last week proved that. He needs to be honest with himself, so he’s going to do what everyone wants him to do.

Here comes The Family! Tony gets a mic and says two weeks from Saturday will be the biggest S&D of all time, and he’ll get his opportunity at the NXT Championship. He says timing is an ultimate premium and they’re in a boom period. He says he brought in Luca because his big brain has a law degree and sociology degree from Ducane, and will bring wisdom to match the muscle.

Tony says Ilja knows wisdom = power and that Don has great power, but with that comes responsibility that trickles down to the family. He names Luca the Family consigliere and gives him the mic and Luca says he pledges his loyalty to the D’Angelo family.

Tony says Ilja is unbeatable and unbreakable and he has respect for him and his mother for moving them over here for a better life. He has more respect for what Ilja is doing for his family, but he shows Ilja and everyone that he’s the guy who will break the unbreakable.

Ilja appears on the mic and says Tony can feel the championship in his grasp and smell it, taste it. But it’s the one power beyond his reach. And now that he understands how it goes, until S&D…

Tony says no, Ilja doesn’t understand how it works. Ne says he spoke with Ava and next week Ilja faces Stacks. He says he’ll see Ilja at Stand & Deliver, but what shape will he be in when he gets there? That decision is up to Ilja. But one wrong move and Ilja will wish he never messed with Tony D, and S&D will be a burial.

Lyra vs. Roxy is official for Stand & Deliver.

Thea walks up to Riley and apologizes, saying she wasn’t who herself on her date and that figuring out who she is is hard. Riley says he gets it and they can still be friends. Off they go.

We see a TikTok feud as Lola Vice responds to Karmen Petrovic’s video doing karate and saying she can do better.


Drew Gulak is repping the NQCC.

Round One (0 – 0)

Lockup to start, Osborne flips through a wristlock and puts Gulak on the mat. Lock back up, Gulak with a wristlock that Osborne slips through. Counterwrestling between them, Osborne with a crossbody for two and then a wristlock.

Gulak shoots Riley into the ropes and grabs the wrist, he rolls through an armdrag and maintains the hold. Osborne flips over and they go into a test of strength, Riley with a monkey flip and Gulak does the same. Springboard into an armdrag by Osborne, an uppercut but Drew turns it around and chops Riley. Drew charges into an elbow, Osborne kicks Drew down, SSP and he covers for three!

Round Two (Osborne 1 – 0)

Gulak escapes to the outside at the bell and walks around, coming up against Chase U and is distracted as Riley DIVES onto him! He rolls Drew in and goes up top, high cross body but Gulak rolls through for a nearfall. Riley takes Gulak down, standing spinning senton for two.

Gulak reverses a whip into the corner, and Riley turns it into a rollup for two. Riley into the ropes, Gulak as well, Gulak rolls Osborne up for three and hits a cheap shot after the bell as we go to break.

Round Three (1 – 1)

We’re back with 46 seconds left and Gulak working RIley over with a back submission. Osborne rolls through and hits an enzuigiri before going up to the second rope. He leaps off but Gulak gets the knees up, Gulak with a dragon sleeper on the mat and Osborne manages to hold on until the bell.

Round Four (1 – 1)

Jacy and Jazmyn are out to distract Chase U. Gulak in control of Riley and goes for the Gu-Lock but Riley escapes and gets a pinfall attempt, Gulak reverses, they trade pin attempts and Riley bridges out of a nearfall before going for the backslide. Gulak reverses but Riley reverses back. Riley goes up and over and hits an inside cradle for two, then chops Gulak hard.

Gulak comes back with a big clothesline and lies in wait — he charges in but Riley decks him. Gulak on the top, Osborne with elbows but Gulak fires back and in the middle of this Thea and Jacy end up in the ring. The situation lets Jazmyn interfere and hold Osborne’s legs, allowing Gulak to counter a superplex with a crossbody for the win.

Official Winner - Drew Gulak (4:45 in Round Four)

Official thoughts - Damn decent work. The end angle was a lot but it played in okay.

Brooks is leaving the building and Fallon follows wanting to check on him. Brooks says he can’t handle this and Fallon says don’t be like that. Jensen says things are fine with Fallon and Briggs but what he wants isn’t here and leaves.

Kelani walks in angry and looking for Izzi and Kiana. She and Fallon commiserate and Fallon promises to help.

Ava is backstage on the phone explaining the Wolfdogs vs. AA match next week when Thea Hail walks in pissed with Duke. Ava says Jazmyn will have her first match next week against Thea. Thea excitedly leaves and Ava says she’s had her eye on Duke and is giving him a match next week that could put him in the NA Title picture.


This match joined in progress because why the fuck not. Hank & Tank knocked The OC out of the ring and hit a double leap onto them. Hank gets Karl in the ring, whips into the ropes and a leaping back elbow. He stalks after Karl but gets kicked in the cut. Tank with a back elbow, he‘s shot into the ropes, blind tag to Hank who grabs Karl and plants him into the top turnbuckle. Gallows sent to the floor and Anderson is caught with a pancake smash between Tank and Hank.

Hank batters Anderson in the corner and whips him across the ring for a splash, cover gets two. Whip into the corner, measured shots to the gut. A kick to the gut follows and a suplex by Hank, cover gets two.

Karl kicks Hank in the gut and tags in Gallows. They trade shots, Gallows takes over with chops and sends him across the ring, charging into a boot. Hank is up top, but Luke nails him with a big right and sends him to the floor. Gallows throws Hank into the guardrail and the apron, then rolls him in — a big boot (that noticeably misses) and lays in mounted punches on the mat.

Hank is now in the hostile corner and gets battered by Gallows. Short-arm clothesline, cover gets two. Anderson tags in and takes over on Hank, but Hank fights back with rights and lefts. Anderson cuts him off and sends him back into the O.C. corner, then kicks him in the shoulder and stomps him into the mat.

Anderson tags in Gallows, a kick to the gut of Hank and a headbutt. Big uppercut and Hank fights back but gets powered into the hostile corner. Anderson is in now and puts Hank on the mat with a chinlock.

Hank gets to his feet and goes for the tag, he nails Karl and reaches for the tag, he breaks the hold and hits an enzuigiri. Gallows tags in, Hank with a headbutt and the tags are made. Tank in hot to clean house, inverted atomic drop to Karl, Springboard shoulder drop and Hank tags in, Hank catches a thrown Karl and slams him down for two.

Hank and Tank batter Gallows and send him to the outside, Tank picks up Anderson but Gallows pulls Hank to the outside. In the ring, Karl with a spinebuster to Tank after Hank is sent into the steps. Magic Killer finishes it.

Official Winners - The O.C. (7:52)

Official thoughts - Mostly a technically proficient match, but it never kicked out of second gear. The OC winning was obvious.

We run down the Stand & Deliver card so far with Roxy vs. Lyra, Ilja vs. Tony and Melo vs. Trick. Next week we get an NXT Prime Target on Melo and Trick.

Kelly is with Trick and is asked about being on fire. She asks about him being in his first match since Vengeance Day and Trick says he’s travelling light but that’s how he wants it. He says Dar can have his full Meta-Four gang but he’ll deal with them. Kelly asks about Melo being here and Trick says if Melo shows up, he’ll kick his ass.

Roxy is leaving the building and is asked about her NXT Women’s Title match. She says if Lyra won’t do the right thing and hand her the title, she’ll rip it out of her hands.

Kiana and Izzi walk in and compliment Jacy and Jazmyn for her actions. Jacy says she took Thea under her wing and what did it get her? Nothing. They leave and Kiana and Izzi laugh about Fallon saving the day last week until Fallon & Kelani attack.

Set For Next Week:

– Ilja Dragunov vs. Stacks

– Alpha Academy vs. The Wolfdogs If Alpha Academy wins, they get in the NXT Tag Team Title match at Stand & Deliver.

– Thea Hail vs. Jazmyn Nyx

– Duke Hudson vs. Josh Briggs

– Shawn Spears vs. Dijak


Tick with a bodyslam to Noam and another to start. My feed goes wonky but comes back with Trick reversing a waistlock, Dar drops to the mat and delivers several kicks. Dar with an elbowlock, Trick escapes and nails Trick hard for a two-count.

Dar manages to leap into a guillotine submission but Trick slams him into the corner to escape. Trick with a couple of jabs and a big uppercut then whips him across the ring. Dar runs through it and ducks under Trick, then kicks Trick off the second rope. Kicks to the chest of Trick and a trip, off the ropes into a big dropkick. Cover gets two for Dar.

In the back, a security guard knocks on Melo’s door and says “It’s time.” Meanwhile in the ring, Trick fights his way out of Dar being in control but gets a knee to the gut. Dar gets thrown toward the corner and goes into the ropes — pop up uppercut by Trick! Dar escapes to the outside as we go to PIP break.

We’re back as Dar is still in control but gets put on Trick’s shoulders — Dar transitions into a sleeper. Trick breaks it up by slamming Dar into the corner and they trade shots with Dar on the top turnbuckle. Dar with a triangle hold, Trick picks him up and slams him down with a sit-out powerbomb for two.

Trick is hyping up and they both get up — they trade shots, and Trick takes over until Dar its a right jab that buckles Williams. Dar off the ropes but is floored with a big punch. He pulls Dar up for the spinebuster, but Dar is up because he counters and makes the cover for two. Ankle lock and Trick battles to get to the ropes, but Dar pulls him back and locks it in. Trick gets to the ropes finally and Dar breaks the hold.

Dar lays in some punches to Trick on his knees and stomps him down, then showboats for a moment. He goes in but Trick catches Dar with the uranage! Trick takes over with punches, a side kick and a flapjack! Ora up on the apron and Trick knocks him down. Lash is up and tries to lure Trick in — she slaps and he catches it. But Dar with a German suplex and a back elbow. Cover gets two and 7/8th!

Dar goes for Nova Roller, but Trick with the Trick Shot to end the match.

Official Winner - Trick Williams (12:07)

Official thoughts - Really weird choice to give Dar the dominant role against the hottest guy in NXT. Whether it’s a statement of pushing Dar or trying to set Trick up as an underdog, I’m not sure but it felt like an off match. Still, both men worked hard and the match on the whole was great in terms of in-ring action..

Trick gets the mic and says this is personal, they don’t have to wait until Stand & Deliver and tells “Hayes” to get his punk ass out here. The security comes out and circles the ring — and Melo’s music hits at last!

“Melo” comes out but it’s obviously not Melo and Melo is a security guy. He attacks Trick from behind and the security team joins in. Melo beats on a held Trick and yells at him, then calls for security to back off. Melo waves at Trick and hits the big knee then stands over him.


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