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WWE NXT Review 11/06/2024

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiser weights bringing you your NXT Review. So let's get into it.

Battleground has come and gone and the biggest story is Kelani Jordan winning the inaugural Women’s North American Title. It wasn’t the most eventful show but now we have less than a month before Heatwave. That means we’re going to need to set things up rather quickly and odds are it starts tonight.

We open with a long Battleground recap.

Here is Kelani Jordan to say she is so proud of winning her first title. There is no legacy to this title so it is up to her to establish one. Cue Jaida Parker to interrupt, seemingly wanting to be the first challenger, after she beats Michin that is. Cue Michin to jump her from behind and we’re ready to go.

Match 1 - Michin vs. Jaida Parker

They’re immediately brawling to start, with Parker being knocked into the corner. Parker fights out of a choke and avoids a Cannonball in the corner, setting up a hip attack. We take a break and come back with Parker working on the arm and getting two off a running shoulder. Michin fights up and hits a running dropkick in the corner, setting up a running DDT. Parker’s hip attack sends Michin outside and cues the OC to check on her. That doesn’t work for Parker, who grabs a chair. The OC isn’t letting that happen, which is enough for Michin to grab the rollup pin at 9:50.

Official Winner - Michin

Official thoughts - I’m a bit surprised that Parker took a loss, as she had seemed to be coming up the ladder in recent weeks. It’s a loss to a main roster star, but Michin is far from the most successful name on Smackdown. On top of that, the OC is still around and that is just downright unpleasant on a variety of levels.

We look at Gallus attacking Wes Lee at Battleground.

The New Catch Republic aren’t going to let Gallus get away with that.

Chase U (with the classroom back) argues with Ridge Holland. Thea Hail: “WILL EVERYBODY SHUT THE F*** UP???” She reminds everyone of their flaws and says Chase U is about giving chances. No one is going to argue with that.

Match 2 - Gallus vs. New Catch Republic and Wes Lee

Bate headscissors Mark down to start and it’s off to Dunne to work on the arm. Dunne snaps the fingers and it’s back to Bate for the airplane spin. The good guys stand tall and we take a break. Back with Wolfgang hitting a backsplash for two on Bate with Dunne making the save.

Bate fights up and hits his rebound lariat to Mark but Joe breaks up the tag attempt. Then Bate rolls over and makes the tag anyway, with Lee coming in to clean the house. Everything breaks down and we hit dives so fast that the camera misses some of them. Lee’s running Meteora gets two on Mark but Joe is back up with All The Best For The Bells and the pin at 9:47.

Official Winners - Gallus

Official thoughts - That’s the kind of win Gallus has been needing. They can go in and do all of the beatdowns and such that they want, but the team hasn’t had a good win on their own in a while now. Beating a main roster team and a successful star like Lee makes the team look that much better and hopefully, they can go somewhere else as a result.

Jaida Parker tells OTM that she’s running Michin out of NXT.

Brinley Reece isn’t worried about Wendy Choo, but Edris Enofe and Malik Blade aren’t so sure.

We look at Sol Ruca training for Battleground, as well as getting her gear made.

Match 3 - Wendy Choo vs. Brinley Reece

It’s the evil version of Choo, complete with dark pyjamas, a lot of makeup and a pillow. Choo charges at her to start and runs Reece over, though Reece gets in a knee to the face. Choo is right back with a hammerlock lariat and a cobra clutch makes Reece tap at 1:46. It’s better than…whatever Choo was before the injury. I think.

Official Winner - Wendy Choo

We look at Oro Mensah attacking Ethan Page in recent weeks. As a result, Mensah has been banned from the building.

Roxanne Perez is here for the state of the women’s division address but won’t tell Mr Stone what she has to say.

Here is Cody Rhodes for a chat and yeah the fans seem to like him. Rhodes talks about his upcoming title defence against AJ Styles and says that while Styles is a lot of things, after Saturday, he’ll also be a quitter. Cue NXT Champion Trick Williams to say he was on the way to the ring but had to defer to Cody. They’re both champions and they both had similar paths to get where they are today.

Now that they have their championships, everything feels different now that people are coming after them. So how do you deal with being the hunted? Cody implies that Williams could come after his title, but he has some business here. Tonight, he has been given the authority to announce that Williams’ next challenger will be determined next week in a 25 man battle royal…..and some of the entrants might be coming from different locker rooms. Williams is ready but has one question: is Cody coming to the 4th of July cookout? Sure he is, so posing can ensue.

We look at Je’Von Evans brawling with Shawn Spears last week.

Dante Chen is ready to end Lexis King.

Wendy Choo scares some of the other women.

Match 4 - Dante Chen vs. Lexis King

Singapore Cane match, meaning the weapons are legal. Chen jumps him during his entrance and the fight is on fast, with Chen striking away. King fights up though and cracks him over the back with a stick. King chokes with the stick in the corner and then again in the middle, with the fans staying behind Chen.

It seems to work as Chen fights up and chokes as well but King unloads on him with stick shots. Back up and Chen sends him into a stick in the corner and goes nuts with a series of shots. They go outside and King gets in some shots with his cane, which is more impactful. The Coronation, with the cane, finishes Chen at 6:27.

Official Winner - Lexis King

Official thoughts - This match did absolutely nothing to get around the biggest problem with Chen: he has nothing to make him stand out. Other than being from Singapore, I could not tell you anything about Chen whatsoever. He’s perfectly fine at what he does, but I need something, or anything for that matter, that makes me care about him in the slightest.

Cody Rhodes runs into Jazmyn Nyx and the injured Jacy Jayne in the back. As luck would have it, Cody has a present for Jayne: a clear mask to protect her broken nose. Looks rather dashing.

Eddy Thorpe is ready to fight again after a long time of healing.

Michin leaves Ava’s office and tells the OC that she’s the first challenger for Kelani Jordan’s Women’s North American Title.

Someone grabs Vic Joseph and while we see a glimpse of the side of his face (it might have been Brooks Jensen) no name is said. Ok then.

Match 5 - Eddy Thorpe vs. Tavion Heights

Heights takes him down with a front facelock to start and Thorpe gets over to the rope. Back up and Thorpe grabs a belly to back suplex for one as Heights is up fast. Heights’ standing belly to belly suplex (it was almost a backdrop) sets up a fireman’s carry faceplant as Thorpe is in trouble. Something like a Coronation sets up a dragon sleeper but Thorpe fights out and hits an elbow to the face. An implant DDT finishes for Thorpe at 4:17.

Official Winner - Eddy Thorpe

Official thoughts - Thorpe had to start his comeback somewhere and it makes sense that he had a bit of rust to shake off first. Heights isn’t the biggest name around but he’s someone who can give Thorpe enough of a sweat. I could go for more of both of them so they were off to a nice start in the comeback here.

No Quarter Catch Crew is impressed with Tavion Heights, so Charlie Dempsey tells Myles Borne to go get him as the team might need a new member. Damon Kemp isn’t sure, so Dempsey says he didn’t like Kemp losing two straight to Tony D’Angelo (Borne’s WOW face is great).

Stevie Turner interrupts Ava and Mr. Stone, saying that Roxanne Perez is going to demand an apology from Ava tonight. Ava doesn’t seem impressed.

Match 6 - Shawn Spears vs. Je’Von Evans

Evans chops away to start and snaps off a running hurricanrana. Spears gets in a shot of his own though and chokes on the ropes. Back up and Evans hits a dropkick to the floor, followed by another one through the ropes as we take a break. We come back with Spears working on a half crab until Evans crawls over to the rope. Evans fights up and hits a kick to the head into a spinning belly to back slam to start the comeback.

Spears catches him with a kick of his own though and a top rope hanging DDT gets two. The C4 is countered and Evans hits a top rope, Cody Cutter, with Spears rolling out to the floor. Evans’ spinning springboard crashes into the corner of the announcer's table and he’s in big trouble. Back in and the C4 finishes for Spears at 9:48.

Official Winner - Shawn Spears

Official thoughts - They had a hard hitting match and Evans looked good in defeat, but I’m surprised at said defeat. Spears might be moving up the ladder a bit, but at the same time, Evans feels like someone who might be on the way to the next level. That makes a loss here look a bit weird, though I can’t imagine this is anything more than a bump in the road for someone who is receiving the reactions Evans is getting.

The D’Angelo Family interrupts the New Catch Republic and Axiom/Nathan Frazer. The Family isn’t impressed, but Frazer seems interested in getting the Heritage Cup back. Axiom reminds him that they’re still the Tag Team Champions, but Frazer looks like he wants more gold.

Shawn Spears, Ethan Page and Lexis King want to win the battle royal next week. Cody Rhodes comes in to say they’re in a good place.

Here is Roxanne Perez to brag about retaining the Women’s Title, just like she promised she would do. She wants Ava to come out here and apologize but here is to say that isn’t likely to happen. Cue Jazmyn Nyx and Jacy Jayne to say not so fast because Jayne has been a star for a lot longer. Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson come in to talk about what they have been doing lately. Now it’s Lola Vice to brag about her win at Battleground and the brawl is on. Perez and Vice clear the ring to end the show. That wasn’t the most eventful segment but Vice getting into the title picture seems like the most obvious choice.


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