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WWE NXT Review 11/07/23

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiserweights bringing you your NXT Review. So let's get into it.

It’s a big night as Judgment Day is here again. This time around that should mean some issues for Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams, as there are still issues to deal with from before Money In The Bank. Other than that, we have the fate of Tony D’Angelo as NXT’s idea of how the courts work continues to be out there. Let’s get to it.

Here is Judgment Day to get things going. The fans chant for Mami but Finn Balor says DADDY’S HOME. It’s time to do some Judgment Day things, starting with Damian Priest, who doesn’t like Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes. Dominik Mysterio gets booed down, but here are Hayes and Williams to interrupt. Hayes praises Balor but says the two of them run this place. Priest says that’s because Judgment Day isn’t here every week. Williams and Priest get into the argument and a tag match is made for later.

Tony D’Angelo, who needs to get to chow time in jail, says he wants to trust Stacks but he keeps hearing bad things. He’s just not sure anymore.

Gigi Dolin talks about how she puts herself out there, while Kiana James tries to hide her past. We see some shots of a younger James seemingly being quite a different kind of person.

James insists that isn’t her anymore.

Match 1 - Chase U vs. Charlie Dempsey/Drew Gulak

The fight is on before the bell until we settle down to Dempsey hitting Hudson in the face. As Lucien Price and Bronco Nima pop up on the platform to watch, Hudson gets in a running hurricanrana on Gulak, with commentary not believing it. Hudson gets caught on top but manages something like a super Michinoku Driver. Chase comes in and is quickly slammed down, allowing Dempsey to grab the chinlock.

That doesn’t last either, as it’s back to Hudson to clean house. Everything breaks down and Chase U clears the ring as we take a break. Back with Hudson fighting out of trouble and bringing in Chase to clean house. Suplexes abound and there’s the Spelling Stomp to Dempsey. A high crossbody gets two and it’s time to exchange German suplexes. Thea Hail has had it with this and grabs a Kimura on Gulak, leaving the Fratliner to finish Dempsey at 11:22.

Official Winner - Chase U

Official thoughts - This was all about getting Chase back in the ring and the fans still seem to love him. That is exactly what NXT had to be hoping for, but now it’s all about actually doing something with him. Chase U was the hottest thing in NXT for a good while but they never really did anything. Change that this time and we could be in for something rather interesting.

Bron Breakker is ready to beat Ilja Dragunov and become the #1 contender.

Von Wagner talks about how he was an outcast as a kid and eventually accepted being a monster. He started doing that here, but for the first time, the fans were cheering him. Wagner has Mr Stone to thank for that, which leaves Stone looking happy.

Match 2 - Kelani Jordan vs. Cora Jade

Dana Brooke is here with Jordan. The gymnastics frustrated Jade to start but she gets in a few stomps to take over. A running dropkick hits Jordan as she is tied up in the ropes, setting up the chinlock. That’s broken up and Jordan gets two off a rollup and the forearms abound. Jordan’s springboard is broken up though and Jade hits the DDT for the pin at 3:58.

Official Winner - Cora Jade

Official thoughts - They didn’t have much time to do anything here but Jade continues to look strong. That’s all you can ask for from a match this short when Jade is facing someone brand new. There’s a good chance we get Jade vs. Brooke next and then hopefully Jade gets to move on to something a little more difficult.

Post match Jade goes after Jordan again but Dana Brooke makes the save.

Ilja Dragunov is ready to be the #1 contender.

We look at Eddy Thorpe winning the NXT Underground match last week.

Gable Steveson isn’t sure what to do now because he loves being here but also wants another Olympic medal.

Dijak is not impressed with Thorpe winning one NXT Underground match.

Match 3 - Ilja Dragunov vs. Bron Breakker

For the NXT Title shot at the Great American Bash. Breakker powers him straight into the corner to start but Dragunov wins a slugout. The 61Line is countered with a heck of a suplex though and Dragunov is right back in trouble. Dragunov chops away but Breakker just unloads on him with forearms and right hands as we take a break.

Back with Dragunov winning another slugout but getting caught with a German suplex. Breakker cuts him off with some raised boots though and the top rope bulldog (which barely makes contact) knocks Dragunov silly. Dragunov is back up with a Death Valley Driver into the corner, setting up a Coast To Coast.

The Torpedo connects for two, and Dragunov is stunned by the kickout. Breakker is right back with a heck of a spear for two before loading up the gorilla press. That’s reversed into a DDT for two but Breakker hits a clothesline. Another spear is cut off by a knee to Breakker’s head and now the Torpedo to the back of the head can finish for Dragunov at 14:22.

Official Winner - Ilja Dragunov

Official thoughts - This was straight out of the old NXT playbook, as you have the new top challenger facing the previous top challenger to give the new one some credibility. In this case, it helps that Dragunov and Breakker worked very well together and had a pretty great fight. Dragunov can sell like no other and Breakker’s power stuff looked awesome against him. Very good match here and it could have been on some kind of special instead of regular TV.

Wes Lee talks about being ready for Mustafa Ali when Dominik Mysterio, with Rhea Ripley, comes in to accept the open challenge. There wasn’t one open, but they can do it next week.

A driving Baron Corbin talks about not knowing who he is anymore because he has changed so many times. He comes to a circle of torches and asks who he is.

Match 4 - Ivy Nile vs. Tiffany Stratton

Non-title. Stratton shoulders her down to start and then does it again. Back up and Nile grabs the arm before getting in a hard shot to the face. Stratton is fine enough to knock her to the apron, setting up a running hip attack to the floor. Back in and the chinlock is broken up without much trouble, allowing Nile to kick her in the head. The Diamond Chain Lock is broken up and it’s a Regal Roll into the Prettiest Moonsault Ever for the pin at 4:38.

Official Winner - Tiffany Stratton

Official thoughts - Much like the previous women’s match, there wasn’t much time to do anything here, but at least Nile got in a bit more offence. I’m not sure what she is going to be able to do with the Creeds gone, but her in-ring abilities should be enough to carry her pretty far. Stratton is looking for her next challenger, so keeping her warm is a good idea.

Post match Stratton grabs the mic but is told she tapped out so many times that she gives up.

Chase U gives Thea Hail a pep talk and believe she can be Women’s Champion.

Noam Dar is still depressed.

Blair Davenport mocks Roxanne Perez for taking a beating last week and promises to do it even worse next time Perez comes at her.

Match 5 - Stacks vs. Joe Coffey

Galls is here with Coffey. If Stacks wins, the charges against Tony D’Angelo are dropped and he and Stacks get a Tag Team Title shot. Otherwise, it goes to trial. Feeling out process to start until Coffey grabs a headlock takeover to grind away. Back up and All The Best For The Bells gets two on Stacks, with Coffey looking stunned at the kickout. Stacks insists that he isn’t a snitch and we take a break.

Back with D’Angelo calling in to be happy with Stacks as Coffey cranking on the arm. A clothesline cuts Stacks down again and here are Lucien Price and Bronco Nima to glare at Gallus. Price and Nima leave as Stacks fights up and hits him in the face. Stacks runs him over so Wolfgang yells at the referee, allowing Stacks to grab what looks like a pipe. With the referee turning around, Stacks hands the pipe to Wolfgang, getting Gallus ejected. The running knee to the back of the head finishes D’Angelo at 10:45.

Official Winner - Stacks

Official thoughts - This whole story has been way over the top and more than a bit nuts at times, but Stacks has gotten a lot out of the whole thing. He has gone from little more than a generic heel to an actual character who can back it up in the ring. That’s more than I would have bet on and the D’Angelo Family winning the titles would make a lot of sense.

Schism comes up to Ivy Nile, who accuses Joe Gay of being the masked man last week. They invite Nile to join the team but she doesn’t say anything.

Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz talk about Noam Dar when Humberto and Angel come in to hit on them. With that not being well received, Dragon Lee and Nathan Frazer come in to get rid of the pesky guys.

Match 6 - Carmelo Hayes/Trick Williams vs. Judgment Day

Finn Balor/Damian Priest for the team here, with the latter punching Williams in the face to start. Priest cranks on the arm before handing it off to Balor for some choking on the ropes. The chinlock goes on for a bit before Balor drives him into the corner for some chops. Williams manages to get over to the corner for the tag to Hayes though and the ring is quickly cleared.

We take a break and come back with Hayes being sent into the wrong corner, allowing Priest to hit a running corner elbow. The double arm crank is broken up rather quickly and the rolling tag brings Williams back in. A running neckbreaker gives Williams two but Priest gets in a clothesline for the double knockdown. Hayes and Balor come in to pick the pace back up with Hayes hitting a superkick for two. The Sling Blade drops Hayes again but the Coup de Grace misses.

A springboard clothesline gives Hayes two more but it’s Priest coming in with a kick to the head. Williams makes the save as everything breaks down. Priest hits a Razor’s Edge onto the announcers’ table but Hayes grabs a Codebreaker. Cue Dominik Mysterio for a distraction but Hayes faceplants Priest anyway. The briefcase is thrown in but here is Ilja Dragunov to take it away. Hayes is sent into the briefcase though and it’s South of Heaven into the Coup de Grace to pin Hayes at 12:15.

Official Winner - Judgment Day

Official thoughts - There was a lot of protection for Hayes, but I’m still not sure why you need to have the champion lose here when you have Williams in the same match. At least it does set up more of the Great American Bash main event, which should be great, but I’m assuming this is it for Judgment Day, at least most of them, in NXT. This feels like a big time main event though and that is what matters more than almost anything else.

Hayes and Dragunov yell at each other to end the show.


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