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WWE NXT Review 02/04/2024

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiser weights bringing you your NXT Review. So let's get into it.

It’s the go home show for Stand & Deliver and the only thing left to do is figure out the Tag Team Title situation. The champs need their last challengers and we’ll figure that out this week. Other than that, Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are in the house before their Stand & Deliver main event.

Match 1 - Tag Team Titles #1 Contender Tournament Finals: Axiom and Nathan Frazier vs. LWO vs. OC

For the Stand & Deliver Tag Team Title shot. The OC gets jumped to start fast until Gallows hits Axiom in the mask to take over. Wilde takes Anderson down but Axiom grabs a standing Spanish Fly on Wilde to even things up. Wilde’s umping neckbreaker gets two on Frazier but the OC pulls Axiom and Frazier out of the corner. That leaves the LWO to hit stereo missile dropkicks on Gallows.

We take a break and come back with Wilde hitting a springboard DDT for two on Gallows with a bunch of people making a save. Frazier goes up and dives onto Gallows and Frazier on the floor but Axiom’s dive is shoved away by Anderson. Del Toro hits a dive onto the pile but a Magic Killer puts him down. The OC is taken out though and Frazier hits a 450 to pin Del Toro at 10:49.

Official Winners - Axiom and Nathan Frazier

Official thoughts - Well at least it wasn’t the OC. Axiom and Frazer have been built up as a team for a good while now and it is nice to see them getting a shot after a long time. I’m not sure if they’re going to win the titles, but at least they’re on the big show and in a prominent spot. It’s hard to imagine the Wolfdogs keep the titles much longer so Axiom and Frazier could be in a nice spot if the reign is already coming to an end.

Axiom and Frazier promise to win the Tag Team Titles.

Lexis King isn’t worried about Mr. Stone or Von Wagner because Wagner can’t do anything without Stone, who isn’t here this week.

Ilja Dragunov finds a boot on his car and has to accept a ride to dinner from some D’Angelo Family associates.

Match 2 - Fallon Henley vs. Jacy Jayne

Henley has Thea Hail and Kelani Jordan while Jayne has Izzy Dame, Kiana James and Izzi Dame. They go to the mat with a lockup to start and Booker goes into a ridiculous long rant about…something. Henley gets knocked outside and gets dropkicked in the face to make it worse. Back in and Henley is sent into the buckles a few times for two and we hit the chinlock. Henley fights up so James offers a distraction, meaning the brawl starts up outside. That’s enough to distract Henley so Jayne can knee her in the face for the pin at 3:59.

Official Winner - Jacy Jayne

Official thoughts - This still feels like the preview for a Kickoff Show six woman tag and that wouldn’t be a bad way to start. Henley was protected here as it took all of Jayne’s friends to distract her enough for the pin. Jayne is still firmly in the midcard, but putting her over a group of women is not the worst idea

Post match Jayne and company go to the back with Jayne yelling about how she was never Thea Hail’s friend but now she’s back to where she should be. Ava, at the production desk, gets rid of them but Hail and company come in. The six woman tag is set for Stand & Deliver. Ah, there it is.

Video on Josh Briggs.

Match 3 - Lexis King vs. Von Wagner

Wagner charges in and starts fast with King being sent outside for a whip into the barricade. Back in and Briggs misses a charge into the corner, allowing King to drop some elbows for two. King’s right hands annoy Wagner but King pulls him down into a chinlock. Wagner fights up and hits a powerslam, followed by a big boot as the comeback is on. They go outside with Wagner setting up the announcers’ table but King reverses a powerbomb into a DDT. Back in and the Coronation finishes for King at 5:53.

Official Winner - Lexis King

Official thoughts - This was nothing special as it was more about King getting a win over someone with some status. Granted Wagner’s status isn’t all that high but it means more than beating Mr. Stone. Wagner continues to be in a weird spot as it feels like he is ready for a big push and then something like this happens. Maybe it happens down the road but it’s not working yet.

Ava tells Carmelo Hayes that his match with Trick Williams will have slightly relaxed rules. Works for Hayes.

Natalya coaches up Karmen Petrovic before she faces Lola Vice. Roxanne Perez comes in to say there was a time when she would have listened to Natalya too.

Arianna Grace is ready to make Gigi Dolin over but Wren Sinclair says that might not be a good idea. Grace wants a match as a result.

Match 4 - Karmen Petrovic vs. Lola Vice

Natalya is here with Petrovic. Some kicks miss for Petrovic but she takes over on the mat instead. Back up and Vice takes her down by the leg but can’t get an ankle lock. Vice kicks her down again and we hit the chinlock. Petrovic fights up and fires off more kicks, including a spinning kick to the back for two. Back up and Vice strikes away again, setting up a Sharpshooter (with a glare at Natalya) for the tap at 3:48.

Official Winner - Lola Vice

Official thoughts - It’s kind of amazing how much the addition of Natalya brings down the interest in a match. That was the case here, as we seem to be coming up on a Natalya vs. Vice match and while that should help Vice, it’s not the most interesting thing in the world. Petrovic has some pieces that could work out well, but it’s not quite coming together just yet.

Ilja Dragunov arrives at a rather scary looking warehouse for dinner. Tony D’Angelo and the D’Angelo Family arrive, with Tony sitting down but no one says anything.

It’s time for Supernova Sessions with Lyra Valkyria and Roxanne Perez as the guests. Perez doesn’t like Valkyria, who says Perez isn’t Women’s Champion because Indi Hartwell can climb a ladder faster than her. Then Lola Vice cost her the title at Vengeance Day by cashing in her briefcase. It’s NEVER Perez’s fault but Perez promises to watch Valkyria fall off her high horse and take the title.

Perez has that in her now and no she isn’t broken. Losing the title only made her more dangerous but Valkyria is already ready for the excuses. Valkyria says Perez will have a lot to b**** about after Stand & Deliver but Perez promises to have a year’s worth of rage ready to go. Then Perez puts her through the table and holds up the title.

Video on Dijak.

Oba Femi is ready to crush Josh Briggs and Dijak.

Match 5 - Oba Femi vs. Joe Gacy

Non-title. Hold on though as Shawn Spears jumps Gacy from behind with a chair and tells him to laugh. Gacy wants to fight anyway so the bell rings, with Femi slugging him down and stomping away. Some elbows give Femi two and there’s a running elbow to send Gacy outside. With Gacy up on the apron, Femi hits a clothesline from the floor but Gacy manages a suplex back inside. Femi shrugs it off and hits Snake Eyes before throwing Gacy down with ease…and the referee stops the match at 3:47.

Official Winner - Oba Femi

Official thoughts - I could go for a monster like Femi who gets one win after another by just wrecking people. It worked well here and doing it again and again could develop quite a reputation. Femi already feels like a monster and beating up Gacy is something that will push him even higher up the ladder.

Tatum Paxley asks Lyra Valkyria what that was about, with Valkyria says she’ll do anything to keep the title, even if it means not being herself.

Match 6 - Wren Sinclair vs. Arianna Grace

Sinclair rolls out of a wristlock to start and hits a sliding faceplant for two. Grace fights out of the corner but Sinclair goes old school with an atomic drop of all things. Back up and Grace knocks her into the corner, setting up a Boston crab to keep Sinclair in trouble. With that broken up, another Boston crab attempt is blocked, allowing Sinclair to hit a running clothesline. Sinclair misses a charge though and Grace rolls her up, with a grab of the ropes, for the pin at 3:55.

Official Winner - Arianna Grace

Official thoughts - Another short and to the point match here with Grace cheating to win like a good villain should. Grace’s heel push is starting to come together and it’s going to go a lot better when the Gigi Dolin stuff is added. For now, not much of a match, which is the norm for Sinclair, who loses every time she’s out there but does well in defeat.

We run through the Wrestlemania Week schedule.

Stand & Deliver rundown.

We go back to the dinner, where Tony D’Angelo says he fixed Ilja Dragunov’s parking situation. Dragunov thinks D’Angelo will go a long way to make things happen and D’Angelo promises to make this look like nothing at Stand & Deliver. Dragunov says D’Angelo is the Don but he is Ilja Dragunov, the NXT Champion (that was a hero line if I’ve ever heard one). D’Angelo grabs Dragunov’s injured hand and leaves him alone. Enjoy the last supper.

Match 7 - Sol Ruca vs. Blair Davenport

Davenport jumps her to start but Ruca fights back with a rather devastating….uh, armbar. That’s the hold of revenge you see. Davenport fights up but gets caught in a fireman’s carry drop for her efforts. A clothesline puts Davenport on the floor, where she sends Ruca knee first into the steps.

We take a break and come back with Ruca hitting a dropkick but favouring her bad knee. Davenport goes after the knee, only to get suplexed over the top for a double crash out to the floor. Back in and a one legged springboard splash gets two on Davenport, followed by a top rope cartwheel DDT for two. Davenport is back up with the Falcon Arrow and tries the big knee, only to get rolled up to give Ruca the pin at 9:16.

Official Winner - Sol Ruca

Official thoughts - It was nice to see a match get some time for a change on this show as there is only so much you can get out of another short one. Ruca gets her revenge on Davenport for putting her out of action for so long, though I was expecting something more than just a rollup pin. It should do for now though as Ruca can get away from Davenport and move on to something else.

Dijak and Josh Briggs argue over who will be the North American Champion. Oba Femi comes in to say he’ll still be champion after Stand & Deliver.

Ava is proud of the Stand & Deliver card when Joe Gacy, barely able to move, pops up to say he’s fine. She gives him Shawn Spears at Stand & Deliver.

Here are Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams, surrounded by a bunch of security, for a chat. They are the first two black men to main event a Wrestlemania Weekend show ever but Williams doesn’t like that he is going to war with his brother. Hayes says they have come a long way from their Smackdown dark match in Virginia. They argue over whose fault their split was, with Hayes going into an analogy comparing the titles to their girlfriends. Williams lost his title and went after Hayes’ title instead.

Hayes thinks Williams believed the hype and tried to take Hayes’ spot. Williams says his days of taking a backseat are over but Hayes says Williams has been around for six months. Hayes has been around for three years and the people are going to turn on Williams fast. At Stand & Deliver, Hayes will show Williams how it works around here. The fight is on with security being cleared out, leaving the brawl to continue. The locker room breaks it up to end the show. This was pretty by the book as a way to wrap up a go home show but it’s a hot enough feud to overcome most of its problems.


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