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WWE Money In The Bank Review

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiserweights bringing you your Money In The Bank Review

We’re back up north and it’s one of the biggest shows of the year. As has been the case lately, we have a five match card, but those are five pretty big matches. In addition to the two namesake ladder matches, we also have the Raw World Title, the Intercontinental Title and a stacked six man tag. Let’s get to it.

The opening video is the spy vs. spy theme, with the idea of a heist to get the briefcases.

Match 1 Jey Uso vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Andrade vs. LA Knight vs. Chad Gable vs. Carmelo Hayes

It’s a brawl to start as you might expect, with Uso and Knight clearing the ring. The first ladders are thrown in, with McIntyre using one of them to clean house. Gable goes up top to catch McIntyre and grabs a cross armbreaker, with Andrade springboarding in to drop Gable with a leg drop. Hayes is in to take everyone out and it’s McIntyre vs. Uso, meaning the CM PUNK chants are out in full.

A spear cuts McIntyre down but Gable is back in, only to get kicked in the face by Uso. Gable is back up with some German suplexes, including rolling Chaos Theory to Hayes. Knight grabs a neckbreaker to drive Gable into a ladder and then takes Hayes outside for the Rams into the announcers’ table. Hayes fights up again and goes for a big ladder, only for Gable to cut him off with a smaller ladder.

Andrade makes a save but McIntyre is there to break everything up as well. Knight is there with a BFT to McIntyre, setting up Uso’s Superfly Splash. Uso and Knight slug it out on top of the ladder but Hayes is back in to shove the ladder over, sending them into the ropes. Hayes flip-dives onto Gable and goes up for Nothing But Net to Uso. Hayes goes up but gets caught in a NASTY sunset bomb onto a bridged ladder (Hayes bounced off that thing).

Gable suplexes Knight over the top and onto a ladder bridged onto the announcers’ table. That lets Gable go up but Uso moves the ladder, leaving Gable hanging. Uso spears him down and goes up but the briefcases is swinging. McIntyre THROWS a ladder at Uso and hits the Claymore, allowing him to pull the briefcase down and win at 16:33.

Official Result Drew McIntyre wins

Rating: B-. It was a ladder match without much drama about the winner, which didn’t make for the most thrilling showcase. McIntyre felt like the only viable option to win the thing and then they went exactly in that direction the whole time. What we got was good, but there are only so many things you can do to make one of these things work after it has been done so often over the years.

We recap Sami Zayn defending the Intercontinental Title against Bron Breakker. Zayn is the underdog champion and Breakker is the physical freak with unlimited potential.

Match 2 Intercontinental Title: Sami Zayn vs. Bron Breakker

Zayn is defending and gets thrown around to start. Breakker is so confident that he offers Zayn a slap, which Zayn accepts. That earns Zayn a drive into the corner but Zayn fights out with some right hands. Breakker is sent outside for the Arabian moonsault but Breakker is right back with a belly to belly.

Zayn gets back up with a rope walk tornado DDT for two and they need a breather. Breakker gets sent outside but Zayn’s moonsault is cut off. A posting slows Breakker down but the diving DDT is countered with a hard clothesline. Back in and the Blue Thunder Bomb gives Zayn two, only to have Breakker catch him on top.

The Frankensteiner connects for two and they go outside again, with Breakker missing a spear but avoiding the contact into the steps (that’s the kind of learning he did against Dolph Ziggler during his NXT run). Instead, Zayn is sitting at the announcers’ table for the clothesline and a big crash. Back in and Zayn is fine enough to hit the exploder into the corner, only for Breakker to cut off the Helluva Kick. The gorilla press Powerslam looks to set up the spear but Zayn kicks him away. The Helluva Kick retains the title at 13:13.

Official Result And Still Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn

Rating: C+. That was rather underwhelming, with the match never coming close to a higher gear. Breakker never seemed to go all out to beat him here and it showed rather badly. They were going for the idea of Zayn being the smarter champion over the inexperienced Breakker, which only kind of worked and was far from great in any way.

Here is host Trish Stratus to talk about her history in this arena. She won titles, had her retirement, and was the mystery partner of this man… here is John Cena. The fans go nuts, even as Cena’s towel says THE LAST TIME IS NOW and his shirt says “After This, You Can’t See Me.” Cena says the fans are here to cheer, but tonight, he is here to officially announce his retirement from WWE.

Cena talks about his time in Toronto and how much he loves the Canadian fans. Whether WWE is hot or cold, Canadians always show up. So why retire now? It’s because this is Money In The Bank, the ultimate symbol of opportunity. Next year, Raw debuts on Netflix and he’ll be there for the first time.

We’ll also see some lasts, including his last Royal Rumble, the last Elimination Chamber, and in Las Vegas, the last Wrestlemania he’s going to compete in. He’s going to open the press conference after the show and answer all questions about his retirement. For now, though, Cena wants to say thank you to everyone involved. He’ll be back in Toronto, but if you want some, come get some, because the LAST TIME is now.

Well, that’s kind of a huge one and while you knew it was coming, it’s almost hard to fathom that it’s happening. Wrestlemania is going to be the Cena show all over again (I’m sure CM Punk will be thrilled) and at the end of the day, it really should be. Like him or not, Cena is one of the biggest stars ever and that is worthy of this kind of a spot.

Damian Priest wants to face Seth Rollins on his own and Finn Balor isn’t pleased.

We recap Seth Rollins challenging Damian Priest for the Raw World Title. Priest won the title at Wrestlemania but wants to prove he can beat Rollins, who was happy to get a title shot.

Match 3 Raw World Title: Seth Rollins vs. Damian Priest

Priest is defending. Rollins chops away to start but gets taken out with the Broken Arrow. A lifting Downward Spiral gives Priest two but Rollins knocks him outside for a breather. The suicide dive sends Priest into the announcers’ table and they head back inside. A basement superkick rocks Priest and Rollins hits a springboard Swanton into a Lionsault for two.

Priest fights up and tries the Razor’s Edge but Rollins slips out and hits a running knee. A buckle bomb hits Priest, who is right back with a sitout powerbomb for two. We pause for Priest to make sure Drew McIntyre isn’t coming out before they slug it out. Priest’s kick to the head looks to set up South Of Heaven but Rollins slips out and hits the Stomp (or something close to it) for two.

Back up and Priest hits the Razor’s Edge for two and frustration is setting in. With Priest going up, Rollins runs the corner into the superplex and the Falcon Arrow gets a weird two (as the referee just kind of stopped counting. Cue Drew McIntyre with the briefcase and he’s cashing in so this is now a triple threat! And the bell…..rings so it’s on!

Raw World Title: Seth Rollins vs. Damian Priest vs. Drew McIntyre

Priest is defending and cuts off an early Claymore attempt. Instead, a jumping kick to the chest (not quite the Claymore) hits Priest and CM Punk is here to go after McIntyre. Punk blasts McIntyre with the chair…but stops to look at the title. Punk picks up the title and clocks McIntyre before sitting down at the announcers’ table (Cole: “What are you doing Phil?”). The South Of Heaven chokeslam finishes McIntyre to retain Priest’s title at 15:50 (between both matches).

Official Result And Still World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest

Rating: B. Ignoring how nice it is to have one of the briefcases already out of the way, there is something to be said for having Punk cost McIntyre AGAIN as it is one of the better stories WWE has presented in a good while. I want to see those two fight, and that will likely be happening sooner rather than later. At the same time, Rollins is no longer allowed to challenge Priest for the title, meaning Gunther vs. Priest is rather likely for Summerslam. That’s certainly a way to go, but Priest is being built up fairly well on the way in.

Post match Rollins yells at Punk, who doesn’t seem to care.

Match 4 Naomi vs. Lyra Valkyria vs. Zoey Stark vs. Tiffany Stratton vs. Chelsea Green vs. Iyo Sky

It’s a brawl to start (shocking I know) so Green is left alone with a ladder…but she’s scared of heights. Instead, she tries to poke at the briefcase with the ladder, allowing Sky to springboard in with a dropkick. Sky knocks Stratton into a ladder in the corner and hits the running Meteora for a bonus.

Valkyria and Stark come back in to clear the ring, with Stark suplexing Valkyria down. A Samoan drop onto a ladder has Valkyria in more trouble and a twisting moonsault completely misses Valkyria in a terrible looking crash. Naomi is back in to jump Stark and hits the split leg drop onto the ladder. The split-legged moonsault onto Stark onto the ladder connects but Stratton is back in to clean house. Stratton goes up and hits a big flip dive onto a bunch of people, leaving Green to set up the big ladder.

Valkyria goes up but Sky ties her up in a Tree of Woe on the ladder. That just leaves Valkyria to sit up and hit a German suplex to send Sky crashing down HARD. Stark and Stratton go up top and fight on top of the ladder until Naomi makes a save. Naomi winds up doing the splits between two ladders before taking Stark down at the same time. It’s time for some tables with Green and Stratton taking their sweet time setting them up.

A bunch of people go up but Green and Stratton make the save with some ladders. Stratton gets sent face-first into the ladder and Valkyria gets powerbombed onto one of the bridged ladders for a nasty crash. Green cuts Naomi off and hits something like an Unprettier onto the ladder. Sky and Stark are up top and Sky kind of TOMBSTONES HER ONTO A BRIDGED LADDER. Green uses the chance to go up and….doesn’t quite win as Stratton comes up as well. Green gets launched off the top and through the tables at ringside, allowing Stratton to win at 16:51.

Official Result Tiffany Stratton wins

Rating: B+. Now this was more like it, as you had everyone going nuts and leaving it all in the ring with one big spot after another. That piledriver onto the ladder and Green’s free fall both made me gasp and that is a great sign. This was one of the better ladder matches I’ve seen in a long time and they picked the right winner on top of that. Awesome stuff here.

We recap the main event, with Cody Rhodes/Kevin Owens/Randy Orton teaming up against the new Bloodline. Solo Sikoa has turned the team into a group built on violence, even taking out Paul Heyman. Now it’s time to try to slow them down.

Trish Stratus is in the back when Tiffany Stratton interrupts her. Stratton wants her to offer some praise, but Stratus says it’s what matters when you cash in that briefcase. Stratton thinks it’s sad that Trishy Time is over.

Match 5 Bloodline vs. Randy Orton/Cody Rhodes/Kevin Owens

Sikoa starts with Rhodes but hands it off to Tama to really get going. Rhodes takes Tama into the corner so Owens can come in and hammer away, including a SUCK IT. It’s off to Orton for the right hands but Fatu gets the tag and you can tell the fans are into this. Orton hits the hanging DDT but Fatu pops up, scaring Orton as he loads up the RKO. A basement superkick takes Orton own and Sikoa is able to come in and glare menacingly.

The slow beating is on until Orton suplexes Tama down. Owens comes back in to hammer away a bit and there’s the Cannonball. A Swanton gets two, with Fatu making the save. Fatu hammers on Owens and it’s back to Sikoa for the running hip attack in the corner. Fatu’s hip attack connects as well and it’s back to Tama to hammer away.

The slow beating continues with all of the Bloodline getting in their shots, only to have Fatu miss a charge into the post. Cody comes in to clean house, including the Cody Cutter to Tama. Fatu gets backdropped into the timekeeper’s area, leaving Sikoa to hit a not-great spear for two on Rhodes. The referee gets bumped, so the Cross Rhodes into a frog splash into the RKO to Sikoa doesn’t get a cover.

Fatu is back up to break up the TripleBomb but the referee gets crushed against the steps again. Owens superkicks Fatu and hits him with the big Prime bottle, setting up a frog splash to put Fatu through the announcers’ table. Owens loads up the package piledriver but Loa hits him low (twice, with the first one seeming to miss) Back in Orton busts out a bunch of RKO’s but gets Samoan Spiked by Sikoa. Rhodes hits two Cross Rhodes on Sikoa but Fatu is back in with a twisting flip dive off the top. An implant DDT hits Rhodes and the Samoan Spike finishes for Sikoa at 24:40.

Official Result The Bloodline win

Rating: B. That ending probably sets up the main event of Summerslam and that’s all this needed to do. It was a good enough brawl at the same time, and while it might not have been an all-time main event, it did its job. Fatu did rather well in his in-ring debut as well, as he felt like an unstoppable monster at times. Good stuff here, with the ending being what mattered.

Overall thoughts

This wasn’t some blow away, an all-time great show, but for the main show of the month, it did well enough. Part of the problem with Money In The Bank is that it’s more about setting up things for later rather than doing anything on its own. That worked out more or less the same here, as the briefcases are for later (well, the one that made it through the night at least) and the main event set up a Summerslam match. Not a great show, but it did what you should have expected.


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