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WWE Hall Of Famer Billy Gunn Recalls Initial Reaction To New Age Outlaws Team Name

They were one of the most successful tag teams of WWE's famed Attitude Era. So much so that after winning the WWE Tag Team Championships five times during their peak, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg managed to squeeze in one more run with the WWE Tag Team Championships in 2014 for old times' sake. But after all of the glory they achieved together, one thing is still uncertain to some fans: who came up with the name The New Age Outlaws?

During an appearance on Chris Van Vliet's "Insight" podcast, Billy Gunn revealed who he believes came up with the name, as well as the moment he found out that's what the team would be called. 

"I think Vince Russo, I'm not 100% sure," Billy Gunn said. "Brian [Road Dogg] was wrestling somebody in a singles, I was on commentary, and if I could find it I would go back [and watch it]. I'm sitting there and JR had pitched something to me like, 'Hey, so I hear you guys calling yourselves the New Age Outlaws,' and I go, 'Yeah, that's the stupidest name I've ever heard don't ever say that again.' Vince [McMahon] buzzes me in my ear and he goes, 'Oh hey, that's your new name."

Jim Ross first mentioned the team's name on the December 15th, 1997 edition of "WWF Raw Is War," where Billy Gunn was on commentary for Road Dogg's match against Dude Love. However, due to the show being taped, Billy Gunn's initial reaction was edited out in favour of him responding to Jim Ross in a way that made Billy Gunn sound like he thought the name was good, even going as far as to claim that he came up with it himself.

Thank you to "Insight" for the transcription.

Photo Credit: WWE

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