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WWE Faction Split Tease

After a big loss tonight, is another WWE faction headed for implosion? Find out where there seems to be a developing rift.

In a submission match for the NXT Women’s Championship, Tiffany Stratton was defending her title against Chase U’s Thea Hail at NXT Great American Bash tonight.

With Thea Hail having Stratton locked in the Kimura Lock, the champ Stratton was able to get to the ring ropes to break the hold.

However, shortly thereafter, Stratton was able to turn the tide, first hitting a Prettiest Moonsault Ever on Hail and then locking in a Boston Crab of her own on Hail

With Duke Hudson and Andre Chase at ringside to cheer on Hail, the 19-year-old Hail struggled to stay in the match after Stratton had her cinched in the Boston Crab for an extended period of time.

While Hail was still in the hold but refusing to tap out, Andre Chase intervened, throwing in the towel on behalf of Hail to end the match.

Duke Hudson at ringside looked unconvinced by the move and in the end, it seemed that he was unhappy with the match finish.

It remains to be seen how Thea Hail feels about Chase’s intervention, and this is far from the first time a rift between Chase and Hudson has been teased in recent months.


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