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WWE Clash At The Castle 2024 Review

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiserweights bringing you your Clash at the Castle Review. So let's get into it.

The big focus this time is on the home country star Drew McIntyre, who is getting his rematch with Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Championship. Other than that, Sami Zayn defends the Intercontinental Title against Chad Gable (again) and Cody Rhodes defends the WWE Championship against AJ Styles (again) in an I Quit match (not again).

The opening video looks at Scotland, with Drew McIntyre talking about how a fight is coming here. McIntyre says they’re known for their tempers so you can bring the crazy and they’ll bring the fight.

Match 1 - Smackdown World Title - AJ Styles vs. Cody Rhodes

Rhodes is defending (ignore his graphic saying “TALENT NAME” and the chyron saying “Women’s Tag Team Champion”) in an I Quit match. Rhodes starts fast with a running shoulder into a snap powerslam. The Disaster Kick is countered though and Styles chops away in the corner. Back up and the Flip Flop and Fly sets up a dropkick to send Styles outside, meaning it’s table time.

Instead of loading it up, Rhodes sends Styles knees first into the steps and then the barricade as the fight heads into the crowd. They fight into the back and the production area, where Styles gets in some choking. Rhodes shrugs that off and they go back into the arena. We’ll make that back into the ring, with Rhodes grabbing a Figure Four. Styles makes the rope and Rhodes lets go for some reason (the referee didn’t make him, as he wasn’t supposed to) and they’re both a bit slow to get up.

A suplex over the top leaves them both crashing to the floor, where Styles throws him onto the announcers’ table. The brainbuster onto the table rocks Rhodes again but he’s not giving up. Rhodes is busted open and Styles stops to yell at Rhodes’ mother, who is rather fired up. Back in and Styles hits the fireman’s carry backbreaker but it’s still too early for Rhodes to give up.

They head outside with Styles loading up the Styles Clash on the steps, only to be backdropped down. Back in and the Disaster Kick connects for Rhodes as the fans keep singing for him. Styles counters the Cross Rhodes into a DDT and it’s time for a chair. Said chair is sent into the throat, followed by some kendo stick shots. No Rhodes still won’t quit so it’s time for a belt whipping. Styles grabs a Bank Statement but Rhodes still won’t quit.

That makes Styles tie him up with handcuffs, but instead, he goes to yell at Mama Rhodes. That earns him some slaps to the face so Styles threatens her with a chair (GEEZ MAN!). Back in and Styles chairs him down before wrapping a chain around his arm. The Phenomenal Forearm is loaded up but Rhodes pelts a chair at his head, sending Styles through the table.

Rhodes finds the key to unlock the cuffs, which he uses to bust Styles open. The Cody Cutter and three Cross Rhodes (the third onto a chair) have Styles in more trouble but Rhodes won’t let the referee ask him. Rhodes cuffs him to the ropes instead and unloads with a chair, but Styles isn’t quitting either. The steps are brought in and the threat of that kind of pain makes Styles quit at 27:39.

Official Winner - STILL Smackdown World Champion - Cody Rhodes

Official thoughts - It was good, but they had a huge mountain to climb after their first match. This wasn’t a match with a ton of drama about the results so it was more about the violence, which only got so good. They probably would have been better off with a street fight or Last Man Standing, but it was a good way to give Rhodes another strong title defence before he starts getting ready for whatever is next at Summerslam or so.

Post match Rhodes looks down at his mom and then hits Styles with the steps anyway. Rhodes goes to leave but runs into Solo Sikoa. The rest of the Bloodline comes in to beat Rhodes down. Cue Randy Orton and Kevin Owens for the save, with Orton glancing at the title.

Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre are home and ready to win the Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Match 2 - Women’s Tag Team Titles - Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre vs. Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark vs. Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill

Belair and Cargill are defending and you can only tag your own partner. Belair hammers on Baszler to start but has to flip over an invading Dawn. A suplex puts Baszler down and the handspring moonsault gives Belair two. Fyre (the fans approve), Stark and Cargill come in, with Cargill having to power out of a double top wristlock. A fallaway slam/Samoan drop combination puts Fyre and Stark down as the fans are rather impressed.j

Belair comes back in to slam Dawn and the champs hit stereo delayed suplexes. The four challengers have a huddle on the floor and then go after Belair. A double suplex on the floor drops Cargill and a running boot to the face drops Belair back inside. Stark puts Dawn down and hits a slingshot corkscrew elbow. Baszler comes in to take over on Dawn, with Stark’s springboard dropkick getting two. It’s back to Fyre to pick up the pace, including a top rope flip dive onto Baszler and Stark.

Back in and Fyre’s missile dropkick gets two on Baszler and the Tower Of Doom sends a bunch of people down. Dawn seems to have hurt her elbow on the landing as Cargill is back in…by slipping on a springboard and crashing badly. The house is quickly cleaned but Baszler grabs the Kirifuda Clutch….with Cargill looking like she’s tapping. Belair makes a save with a 450, with her knees landing on Baszler’s back for a nasty visual. The assisted German suplex hits Baszler but Dawn is back in with a German suplex to Cargill. Dawn steals the pin and the titles at 12:15.

Official Winner - NEW Woman’s Tag Team Champions - Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn

Official thoughts - This was a bit of a mess at times (Cargill falling and then tapping and Belair’s 450 were rather terrible) but they managed to turn what should have been a nothing match into something worthwhile. I thought this was going to be just another match for the champs and I was rather wrong about the result. Not a terrible match, but the rough parts brought it way down.

Post match Fyre and Dawn get bouquets of flowers in a nice moment.

We recap Sami Zayn defending the Intercontinental Title against Chad Gable. Zayn is tired of Gable being horrible to both himself and the Alpha Academy so it’s time for the big showdown.

Match 3 - Intercontinental Title - Chad Gable vs. Sami Zayn

Gable, with the Academy, is challenging and the fans sing about Zayn to start. Gable’s headlock keeps things slow to start so Zayn sends him outside for a meeting with the Academy. Back in and Zayn is sent shoulder first into the buckle, with Gable starting in on the arm. Gable cranks on said arm but Zayn fights up with one arm for a breather. Zayn manages to clothesline him out to the floor and there’s the springboard moonsault to take Gable out again.

Back in and Gable gets in a shot of his own but charges into a Michinoku river for two. Gable is right back with a powerbomb into a top rope headbutt for two and they’re both down again. The rolling German suplexes have Zayn in trouble but he reverses into some suplexes of his own. A half and half suplex gives Zayn two but Gable pulls him into a crossface. Zayn reverses into his crossface, which is reversed into an ankle lock. That’s reversed into a rollup so Gable goes outside to grab the title.

Gable hands it to Maxxine Dupri, who can’t bring herself to hit Zayn. Gable yells at her, with Zayn’s attempted Helluva Kick nearly hitting Dupri. The distraction lets Gable grab rolling Chaos Theory for two so he goes to yell at Dupri, with Otis getting in between them. Zayn’s big dive hits Otis, allowing Gable to go up and moonsault onto both of them.

Back in and Gable misses the moonsault, allowing Zayn to suplex him into the corner. The Helluva Kick doesn’t work as Gable rolls outside, where he ankle locks Zayn over the barricade. Zayn escapes to send Gable into Dupri, which does not sit well with Otis. Gable skedaddles back inside but instead of going after Zayn, Otis picks up Dupri to carry her to the back. The Helluva Kick retains the title at 21:59.

Official Winner - STILL Intercontinental Champion - Sami Zayn

Official thoughts - This was a great mixture of action and storytelling, with Otis and Dupri not wanting to turn on Gable but eventually being pushed too far. At the same time, you had Gable and Zayn beating the heck out of each other, with Zayn being able to hold his own against Gable’s incredible athleticism. Good stuff here and the best match of the show by far.

Post match Gable looks crushed.

Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre are thrilled with their win and had all of Scotland behind them.

We recap Bayley defending the Smackdown Women’s Title against Piper Niven. Bayley is fighting against anyone and Niven is a home country monster, meaning the odds are going to be rather interesting here.

Match 4 - Smackdown Women’s Title - Bayley vs. Piper Niven

Bayley is defending and Chelsea Green is here with Niven. A hard shoulder puts Bayley down to start and Niven stays on her outside. Back in and Niven misses the running seated crossbody, allowing Bayley to stomp on the annoying Green’s fingers. Green yells enough that she gets ejected so Bayley grabs a rollup for a quick two.

Niven is fine enough to send her back outside and there’s a flip dive off the apron. Back in and Niven nails a headbutt before suplexing Bayley onto her tailbone for two. Bayley fights up and sends her to the floor for a suicide dive, only to be driven hard into the apron. They go back inside with Niven being draped over the middle rope, setting up a top rope elbow. A top rope Swanton to Niven’s back just wakes her up, as she slams Bayley out of the corner.

Niven’s running backsplash gets two but Bayley grabs the Bayley TO Belly. Cue a masked woman (who looks like and is dressed like Green) for a distraction so Niven can get out at two. Bayley goes after Green but the Rose Plant is countered by the Piper Driver (with a scary landing) for two. The Vader Bomb hits raised knees so they head outside, with Niven grabbing a swinging Boss Man Slam. Back in and Niven misses a backsplash, allowing Bayley to hit a crucifix river to retain at 13:28.

Official Winner - STILL Smackdown Woman’s Champion - Bayley

Official thoughts - Chelsea Green carried this thing on her back, with the run-in being hilarious. The match itself was a bit plodding and the fans didn’t seem as interested as I was expecting, but it did pick up at the end. Bayley seems destined for the showdown with Nia Jax at Summerslam, which is where the winning streak likely comes to an end. For now, not a great match, but it did get better as they went.

We recap Drew McIntyre challenging Damian Priest for the Raw World Title. McIntyre won the title at Wrestlemania but Priest cashed in Money In The Bank to win the title about five minutes later. Now McIntyre is at home and getting his title shot.

Match 5 - Raw World Title - Drew McIntyre vs. Damian Priest

Judgment Day is barred from ringside, McIntyre is challenging and is played to the ring by a pipe and drum band. As you might expect, McIntyre gets the huge hero’s welcome and the fans get so loud that we get a decibel meter on the screen. McIntyre starts fast and knocks him to the floor, with the big flip dive connecting. Priest gets in a few shots of his own and poses a bit, allowing him to hammer away back inside.

A lifting Downward Spiral plants McIntyre and there’s the running elbow in the corner. The Broken Arrow gives Priest two but McIntyre is back with a Michinoku Driver for the same. Back up and Priest knocks him to the floor, meaning it’s time for the step up dive….but Priest slips and gets tied in the ropes for a landing that could have been much worse. With Priest’s ankle tied in the ropes, McIntyre stomps away, much to the fans’ delight. Back up and Priest manages a kick but walks into the Future Shock for two.

Priest is back up with a few more shots and catches McIntyre on top, with the Razor’s Edge giving Priest two of his own. Back up and McIntyre hits a Glasgow Kiss but Priest is back with the spinning kick to the head. Another one misses though and McIntyre grabs a neckbreaker. McIntyre nips up and they go outside, where the Claymore sends Priest through the barricade.

Back in and the Claymore is countered into South Of Heaven for two and they’re both needing a breather. Priest takes him up top or a super hurricanrana but walks into a Claymore for a rather near fall. Back up and the referee has to dive to the floor to avoid a shot from Priest. Said referee is then knocked into the barricade, leaving Priest to counter a Claymore into a powerbomb. Back up and another Claymore gets a VERY delayed two…..because it’s CM Punk in a referee shirt (the camera was behind him so it was a great reveal). Punk kicks McIntyre low and the South Of Heaven retains the title at 20:14.

Official Winner - STILL Raw World Champion - Damian Priest

Official thoughts - This took some time to get going but they got me with the Punk run-in as that camera work was great. At the same time, it gives Priest a good win to boost his status a bit, though the bigger story is Punk vs. McIntyre. Those two are going to have a huge match at some point and the heat is going to be off the charts. The match itself was a heck of a hoss fight and I’m curious to see where things go from here, so well done on a main event.


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