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WWE Bloodline Family Member Releases New Song

While the Bloodline storyline may continue in WWE, one elder member of the famed family has released a new song.

While Rikishi is a WWE Hall of Famer in his own right, he also has been known to drop a track every now and again.

Now it seems is that time again as Rikishi has announced that he has released a new song called ‘We The Ones’.

Taking to Twitter to share more details about the song, Rikishi wrote:

“We The Ones. 🩸☝🏾

“During the Bloodline run, that was our motto. I wanted to make a song that puts that saying into better perspective. Our family history is extensive, it covers multiple eras and continues through the modern era of professional wrestling and entertainment.

“The Bloodline is the timeline.

“This song is produced by DJ Clientel of Hieranarchy Media Group. Shout out to my team for putting another banner together!”

You can listen to the song below.

Elsewhere in Bloodline news, while none of the members had any scheduled matches on the premium live event WWE Clash at the Castle, their presence was still felt.

After Cody Rhodes was able to retain the Undisputed WWE Championship by making AJ Styles say ‘I Quit’ he wasn’t quite backstage yet when he got an unwelcome surprise.

Solo Sikoa first snuck up behind Cody, seemingly clapping for his win before Rhodes noticed him and the pair started to scrap.

This led to a run-in from the other members of the latest iteration of the Bloodline, Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa.

The fracas would eventually be broken up by Randy Orton and Kevin Owens who ran out to help Cody fend off the Bloodline.

Photo credit WWE

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