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Why WWE Star Baron Corbin Says It's 'Weird' To Hear Fans Cheer For Him

We at Real Rasslin have come to learn.

In a rare career feat, Baron Corbin now finds himself on the receiving end of cheers from the WWE Universe. This surprising scene, of course, can largely be attributed to Baron Corbin's ongoing partnership with Bron Breakker, who currently holds the title of "WWE NXT" Tag Team Champion alongside him. Together, Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker are known as The Wolf Dogs. On a recent episode of "WWE's The Bump," Baron Corbin opened up about the sensation of now hearing a flood of support from fans.

"It's still weird to me to not walk out every night and everybody's just booing me," Baron Corbin said. "So who [knew that] teaming with this big dumb animal (Bron Breakker) that I would not only get a title, but people would be cheering for me? And on social media, usually I open Twitter and it's like 99% of people are like, 'You're the worst human being ever.' Now they're like, 'We love you guys.' Luckily, I blocked like 90% of them. So now those people can't be like, 'Man, I've been a fan since day one.' Well, you're blocked for a reason, bro. That's fun too – getting this fan reception and having the fans cheer for me, especially because I've never experienced that, except for Paris."

As Baron Corbin alluded to, much of his WWE career has been accompanied by negative reactions from wrestling fans. One night in Paris (in 2023), however, produced a drastically different result, as the live audience showered him with love. That same night, Baron Corbin snapped his lengthy losing streak with a win over Rick Boogs.

Thank you to "WWE's The Bump" for the transcription.

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