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Welcome Matthew and Nicholas - AEW RAMPAGE REVIEW 09/02

Welcome guys to this weeks episode of AEW Rampage. Four matches to get through and the return of the Young Bucks so let's kick this off with a trios tag match.



Cassidy with a double dropkick on Bennett and Taven as all six men enter the ring. The referee is doing his best to maintain order as Adam Cole is wheeled down the ramp by Wardlow. The bell finally rings as Bennett jumps Taylor. The two are exchanging chops as Romero is tagged. Taven with a dropkick on Romero. Romero and Beretta with a double knee to the face of Taven. Taven is sent into the ropes. Beretta with a couple of suplexes on Bennet who replies  with a spinning backbreaker. Taven tries following up with a splash, but Trent moves and gets the tag to Cassidy. Cassidy with a DDT on Taven and tells Strong to get in the ring. Bennett attacks him from behind with a spine-buster.

Romero hits Bennett with an uppercut and an enziguri. Strong hits Romero with a shining wizard kick as Beretta follows with a DDT. Everyone is doing spots here as Cassidy and Taven exchange superkicks. Romero, with a dive between the ropes, and connects on both Bennett and Taven. Bennett tossed back in the ring where Romero hits sliced bread. Taven tries running in but gets a leg scissors takedown. Romero connects with a heel kick, followed by clotheslines on Bennett and Taven. Strong interrupts with a blindsided knee strike and Taven is there for the pin and this one is all over.


Here is your Winner:Undisputed kingdom


Post match the Undisputed Kingdom put Romero through some chairs before Trent and Orange can make the save.This was an excellent way of continuing to build the feud between Strong and Cassidy and it worked really well. Don’t be surprised if Strong takes the title from Orange.





The bucks have new music and a new entrance videos. Crowd are already booing them.

Matthew stomps the hell out of Robbie before landing a  lariat. Robbie is slingshotted into Nick, who provides a kick to the head. Nick tosses Robbie into Mondo for the tag. Matt with the blind tag as he clotheslines Mondo before getting kicked low by Nick while Matt distracts the ref. The bucks hit the EVP trigger to end this one.


Here is your Winner:Young Bucks


Nick grabs a microphone to demand that the EVPs be given respect! It’s demanded their birth names call them. Matthew thanks Darby Allin and Sting for becoming the new AEW Tag Champions. The crowd is chanting boring as Matthew sarcastically wishes Sting and Darby well. Turns out they got banged up in their match on Wednesday. Matt promises to have competitive matches to get ranked and no.1 contender status. Young Bucks are coming for the tag team titles.


A squash match followed by an awfully awkward promo. Not sure if this is heel heat or just everyone has lost interest in the young bucks.






It’s an excellent series of reversals to open up this fast contest. Sydal with a spinning leg scissors takedown. Mistico comes back with one of his own. Tope suicida follows as it connects on Sydal. Sydal with a bow & arrow lock on Mistico. It’s followed by a back moonsault pin attempt as Mistico kicks out. Mistico connects with a crossbody from the ropes for a near fall. Sydal, with the airway, crashes as Mistico kicks out of the pinfall attempt. Both men are slugging it out before Sydal hits Mistico in the jaw with a kick. Mistico with a scoop slam as he takes to the top. No one is home, as Mistico comes right back with a power slam. Sydal tries climbing to the top as Mistico climbs as well. Misitco hits a Spanish fly for the win.


Here is your Winner:Mistico

Sydal did exactly what he needed to here. Great showing by both guys. Sydal still has so much to offer. Shame he loses every week.




Saraya and Statlander exchange lockups as Kris lands a dropkick. Statlander follows it up with a backdrop as Soho is tagged. Willow is tagged as she hits a Russian leg sweep on Ruby. Willow follows up with kicks to the head. Willow hits the fisherman’s suplex for a near fall. It’s followed up with Statlander and Willow double-teaming on Soho for another near fall. A nice clothesline follows as Harley Cameron sweeps the leg to help Saraya and Ruby.

Statlander takes Soho off her feet before hitting a power slam. Statlander with a delayed suplex as Soho reverses it and hits her in the head. Saraya comes in for an assist as Willow comes in and is sent between the ropes. Willow breaks up a pin attempt as Statlander hits a lariat on Saraya. Saraya tries to clothesline Statlander but misses as she hits Ruby instead. Willow hits both of them with a clothesline. Statlander tries for the cover on Saraya, but somehow, she kicks out. Both are now at a vertical base, exchanging hits before Kris hits  the blue thunder bomb on Saraya for a two count. Statlander with a big uppercut as Saraya hits a jawbreaker. Willow tags in as Saraya tries to tag Ruby, but Ruby leaps off the apron. Harley tries to get in her face and is laid out. Saraya screams as Willow hits a powerbomb and this one is all over.


Here is your Winner:Willow & Statlander

Post-match Skye Blue appears as the lights go out and then Julia Hart is standing with Skye Blue as the lights come back on.

Looks like this is the end of Ruby and Saraya which I cant say I’m too sad about. It got stale quick and it continued for way too long. Be interesting to see where Saraya goes from here. Former champion and has done absolutely nothing since she won and then lost her title. Time away and a repackage could be needed.

A fun show this week on Rampage. Join me tomorrow for Collision guys.


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