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We have one hell of a line up for tonight's Collision. Seven matches and a title defence main event. So let's get things going with a tag match with the stars of CMLL


Moxley and Star Jr start this one as they trade headlocks and Mox gets an early cover for a 1 count. Star looks for a single leg crab but Moxley kicks out of it and gets back to his feet. Full nelson by Star into a leg bar and a knee thrust, trapping the knee and transitioning into a modified bow and arrow until Claudio comes in to break it up.

The Club walks away before the dives can launch and it’s Castagnoli coming back in to swing Esfinge. Moxley hammers away in the corner but Esfinge flips over and brings in Star for a double knockdown. Stereo flip dives take the Club out on the floor but they’re right back up to take over.

Of course Moxley is now bleeding and Star taking Castagnoli down to make the tag back to Esfinge. Everything breaks down and Esfinge’s spinning leglock cover is broken up by Castagnoli. Star takes Castagnoli down with a corkscrew dive to the floor, leaving Moxley and Esfinge to strike it out. Back in and Castagnoli tosses Star into a cutter for two. A toss powerbomb drops Esfinge and Moxley cross armbreakers Star who has no choice but to tap.

Here is your winner: Blackpool Combat club


Post match Moxley says take that message back to CMLL and tell them that anyone who steps up gets stepped on. Cue FTRs music and the brawl is on. Referees and talent run down to try and break this one up. This is certainly a feud I can get behind. Out of nowhere but im here for it.



Lock up, go behind by Garcia, but he breaks as Taylor swings a punch. Garcia wrings the arm, Taylor misses another punch and Garcia grabs the arm, looking for an armbar until Taylor finally connects. Headlock by Garcia, shrugged off, Taylor shoulder blocks him down and hits a hard right hand to follow up. Garcia gets his chest literally chopped off in the corner by Taylor. I felt that one. Taylor misses a knee attack in the corner, dragon screw by Garcia as Garcia picks the ankle.

Taylor continues the assault on the outside before bringing him back in the ring and knocks him down with a lariat. Garcia tries to fight back, sunset flip, but Taylor sits out on top of him for a 2 count. Shane lays in some shots to the back, headbutt knocks Garcia out. Taylor goes to the apron, but misses the leg drop. Garcia makes it up in the corner, kicks Taylor away, avoids a splash and gets in some repeated jabs and a dropkick to the knee. Taylor kicks him to the apron, Garcia comes back but gets dropped by a powerbomb and a huge right hand but kicks out at 2.

Shane Taylor looks for the package piledriver but Garcia drops out, dropkick to the knee again, and Garcia looks for a piledriver himself but Taylor back body drops him out of it, goes to sit out again but Garcia grabs the leg and rolls into a kneebar. Taylor tries to fight it but has to tap.

Here is your winner: Daniel Garcia

This was just a genuinely great match. Clean win for Garcia shows he is moving in the right direction and hopefully towards the TNT title.


Magnum looks for an Exploder on Cage to start, but can’t get it. Cage nails a German suplex as Turbo comes in and gets clotheslined for his efforts. The Outrunners try to double team Cage, but Cage hits a double suplex on them.  Clothesline, followed by a powerbomb on Magnum, and a modified Texas Cloverleaf, standing on the head of Magnum, forcing the tap out.

Here is your winner: Brian Cage

Squash. Nothing more.

Post match Hook runs down and the brawl is on.


Tony Schiavone introduces Adam Copeland. Schiavone says Copeland is ranked #3 and has his pick of the TNT and International Championship since Joe has the #1 and #2 Contenders. Copeland gives a warning to Nicholas and Matthew for what they did to Sting and Darby.

Copeland says Swerve & Hangman have Joe, Strong has Cassidy and while he could go after Kingston, he wants Christian Cage and that TNT Championship. Daniel Garcia makes his way out and says he agrees that Copeland should get a title shot, however DG says he's been picking up a lot of wins as well. Garcia says that he deserves a shot. He understands that he could lose and have to move to the back, he'll fight his way back.

Copeland says Garcia needed FTR to beat The Patriarchy. They both want the TNT Championship and offers a match on Dynamite and the winner gets Christian Cage. The two shake hands, but Copeland doesn't let him leave. Copeland says he won't let Garcia take food off his family's table and will beat him next week.



Brody backs Briscoe into the corner but Briscoe avoids a shot, climbs the ropes and hits a few punches but gets dumped by King for his efforts. Canonball by King. Chops to the chest of Briscoe, body slam and a running senton but kick out at 2.

Briscoe receives a chop to the chest and crumples in the corner, allowing King to choke him with his boot. Briscoe to the apron now, pulls King to the floor and hits a dropkick through the ropes and a blockbuster off the apron. Briscoe throws a chair into the ring and sets it up near the ropes. Step up tope con hilo to the floor to take out Brody King.

Mark pulls the apron back and pulls out a table, setting it up but Rick Knox waves him off and tells him not to. Briscoe abandons the table but springboards over the rope, only for King to catch him and drive him back first into the barricade.

Back inside the ring, King stays in control, dragging Briscoe out of the corner and slamming him down. Briscoe starts to fight back now as they trade chops, only for a Boss Man Slam to connect for King.  Briscoe gets King in the corner and hits the 10 count punches and then bites Kings head. He boots King to the outside, heads to the top rope, twisting moonsault to the floor. He gets King back in the ring, clothesline connects but King doesn’t go down. Clothesline from King in return and kick out at 2.

Big right elbow from Brody, misses a splash in the corner, and Briscoe gets a DVD. Briscoe to the top rope but here comes Julia Hart up to the apron to distract Mark. Brody from behind shoves Briscoe off the top rope, who ends up going through the half assembled table on the floor. Back in the ring, King nails the Gonzo Bomb and this one is all over.

Here is your winner: Brody King


I love Brody King. He is so under rated in my opinion. If the rumours of the rest of the House of Black wanting out I hope it doesn’t affect Brody and he gets a big spot in the main event scene.

Post match Hart comes in and hits Briscoe in the head with a spike.



Purrazzo gets Hogan in a wrist lock, but Hogan cartwheels out into a rollup for 2. Purrazzo wrings the arm, off the ropes but is tripped into the middle rope, and a hip attack from Hogan gets her back in control. Forearm shot by Hogan, but Purrazzo pulls the arm over the ropes to quickly capitalise. Leg drop on the arm and a leg vice around it. Deonna with a cross-arm sleeper, but Hogan reverses into one of her own. Backstabber by Deonna for 2.

Thrust kick from Kiera But Deonna comes right back with a face plant. Deonna goes for a piledriver, Hogan escapes, but walks into a running knee. Russian leg sweep by Deonna, and the Venus Di Milo locked in and Hogan has no choice but to tap.

Here is your winner: Deonna Purrazzo


Deonna is a star. My worry for her tho is if she loses to Toni Storm she goes to the back of the line and gets forgotten about especially if a certain someone does debut soon.



Storm focuses on the arm of Aminata early on, similarly to Deonna’s offense. Aminata gets a vice around the neck of Storm, but Storm works her way out. Storm trips Aminata into the ropes, hits a Lou Thesz press and poses for her closeup.

Snapmare by Storm as she applies a chinlock, but Aminata gets a small package for 2. Clothesline by Storm gets 2, and she shoves the face of Aminata as the Queen gets to her feet. Jabs by Toni Storm, she loads the fist and smacks her down. Full Nelson applied to Queen Aminata, until Storm sends Aminata outside. Snapmare by Storm, another Full Nelson applied, sunset flip by Storm for 2. Kick to the face by the champion, small package by Aminata for another 2, and a big clothesline to follow up by Aminata, with both women knocked down.

Snap suplex by Queen Aminata and a running kick. Toni Storm with a snap DDT. Aminata with an air raid crash. Aminata misses the hip attack, Storm gets one of her own and hits the Storm Zero to get the 3.

Here is your winner: Toni Storm

Another match and another loss for Aminata. She continues to get hyped though but fans will lose interest very soon. Toni Storm though is just incredible. She is playing the best character in AEW right now hands down.


Match Seven International Title: Orange Cassidy vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Ishii is challenging and powers him up against the ropes to start. Cassidy is sent outside and wants Ishii to join him but has to come back inside to shoulder Ishii instead. Some forearms in the corner just annoy Ishii, who drops Cassidy with a single chop. We take a break and come back with Cassidy hitting a Stundog Millionaire.

The tornado DDT plants Ishii again and a second one gets two. A top rope DDT gives Cassidy two more before they trade running shots to the face. Ishii Pounces him down and they both get a breather. A hard shot to the face gives Ishii two and he suplexes Cassidy hard. Cassidy tells him to chop before collapsing, allowing Ishii to hit a powerbomb.

The sliding lariat misses though and Cassidy gets some rollups for two each. The Orange Punch and Beach Break give Cassidy two but Ishii clotheslines him for the same. Ishii’s brainbuster is escaped but the Orange Punch won’t put him down. With nothing else working, Cassidy small packages him for the three count.

Here is your winner: Orange Cassidy

Post match the Undisputed Kingdom runs in to beat Cassidy down but Ishii makes the save.

I don’t dislike Orange but I really hope Strong takes the title at revolution. Strong deserves it and Orange needs a break I feel. He is an incredible champion but I think its time for a change.

A really great show this week on Collision. No collision next week so will see you back here in two weeks.


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