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Vickie Guerrero No Longer All Elite


Vickie Guerrero confirmed on the “Grue Rume Show” yesterday that she is no longer apperaring for All Elite Wrestling and will leave the company at the end of her current contract when it expires at the end of July.

“I always open my mind to different people and Michael, our producer, and his assistant Sandra, they’re a great team and they always have these ideas and so when they thought about collaborating Dino and I, I’m always open to it because I think that the more people the merrier and the more insight that he has and I think kind of being myself and this was a great project for me to start doing, especially after leaving AEW because I’m able to kind of be more of myself.

Usually, when you’re under a promotion, you have these guidelines and these narrow boundaries that you kind of have to stay in whenever you’re under a promotion so, this is the perfect timing for us to get our subscribers built and then once July comes and I’m off of AEW, I’m able to really say what’s been on my mind.

It’s not about insulting the business or anything. It’s just I have a lot of behind the scenes and how things are run and you know, with the talent too, so we feed off each other, so, I’m excited about the topics that we’ve created and we’re still building more topics.”

Guerrero said she has “various” projects planned after July, with one of them rumored to be a new podcast.

Will we see her return to WWE to slap the taste out of Ex Con Doms mouth? Or maybe even align herself with him and screw over Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania? It might seem far fetched but she wouldn't be the first to work for both AEW and WWE at the same time, William Regal openly stated he was being paid by both when he signed with AEW. GIVE US WHAT WE WANT HUNTER!!!!

Only time will tell but whatever Vickie does we wish her the best!


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