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There are updated standings for the WWE NXT Global Heritage Invitational where the winner gets a crack at the Heritage Cup champ Noam Dar.

There was a match from each Group A and B on tonight’s episode of WWE NXT as the Global Heritage Invitational Tournament continued.

With Tyler Bate taking on Axiom from Group A, he was able to secure a victory and gain two points in the tournament.

Later in a backstage segment, main roster star Butch appeared to be watching the Invitational matches alongside other members of the tournament field.

In an interview segment, he explained the history between him and Tyler Bate, dating all the way back to Bate’s first match at age 15.

Over in Group B, Nathan Frazer took on Akira Tozawa with Frazer capturing the victory and the two points in the invitational.

Both Akira Tozawa and Charlie Dempsey remain winless in the WWE NXT Global Heritage Invitational at this point.

The winners of each bracket will face off to determine who will get a shot at Noam Dar and the NXT Global Heritage Cup at NXT’s premium live event, NXT No Mercy on September 30.

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