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WWE Confident On Jay White

Two major former NJPW names have been free agents for the past few months, with both Jay White and Kota Ibushi leaving the NJPW

When both men become free agents, there has been a lot of speculation about both men signing with either WWE or AEW in the near future.

WWE has previously been reported to be ‘confident’ in signing Jay White, and there has been an update on how WWE feels about being able to land both men.

Speaking to GiveMeSport, WrestleVotes noted that WWE is growing more confident they will sign Jay White the longer he doesn’t show up in AEW.

They said:

I heard recently from a source that the longer that Jay White doesn’t show up in Jacksonville, the more confident WWE is.

As for Kota Ibushi, the chances of him showing up in WWE are a lot less high, as the belief within the company is that Kota Ibushi has little interest in signing a full-time contract, whether it be WWE or AEW.

There has been a lot of speculation about Jay White debuting in WWE on Raw after WrestleMania, but with time running low, it’s possible the deal to bring him in might not be finished by then.


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