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Two WWE superstars were officially reinstated on last night's episode of WWE NXT on August 29th after a steel cage match.

On NXT, the Creed Brothers had been gone from the Performance Center after having lost a Loser Leaves NXT match to Schism back in June.

However tonight, the two tag teams met again but this time in a steel cage with the idea that it would prevent any outside shenanigans.

There was also the stipulation that the Creed Brothers would be officially reinstated to NXT if they won tonight.

Before the match started, only Julius Creed was able to enter the cage while his brother and partner Brutus were swarmed by masked Schism followers and carried away.

While Julius Creed went on to have a rather excellent showing in a steel cage handicap match, he wouldn’t stay solo for the entire match.

Instead, Brutus battled back, and appeared back on the entrance ramp, battering miscellaneous Schism members on his way back to the ring. When Joe Gacy evaded Julius Creed with the keys to the cage, Brutus took matters into his own hands.

Ripping the cage door open with his ‘bare hands’, Brutus joined the match and so did the cage door as a weapon.

In the end, the Creed Brothers picked up the victory over the Dyad to be reinstated in NXT.

After the match, they celebrated with Ivy Nile in the ring as commentary noted that Diamond Mine had been reunited.

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