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Triple H: ‘WWE Is Focused On Character Development’

While taking questions during WWE’s first quarter earnings call today for 2023, Triple H wanted everyone to know that WWE is focused on character development at a time when the company is about to be acquired by the Endeavor Group.

You can check out some highlights from the call below:

On what they’re doing to boost ratings: “That really comes down to us just having assembled the right team. Across the board, we have world class superstars and that continues to grow every day through our developmental system, through NIL, through international and domestic recruit, so the pipeline coming in is very strong. You just saw that in the recent draft and the amount of talent we had to draft and coming up from NXT, and through that pipeline. The writing team is world class and Kevin Dunn’s production team, there’s nothing like it in the world.”

On focusing on character development: “As far as what we’re focused on, we’re focused on character development. I think you see that across storylines where our fans are super engaged in the talent. Let’s take Sami Zayn and the Bloodline over the last, couple of years really, but especially in the last six to eight months, where that story and the character development has reached a whole new level. It has our fans invested and excited in the content like they haven’t been in a long time. For us, extending the planning of the event horizon. Looking out year over year, where we want to be next year and then back tracking from there, so that we’re always ahead of the curve and always thinking ahead. That allows us to have better planning and then it’s just trying new things and getting outside of a box of what we do and seeing what works and what doesn’t. I don’t consider something not working a failure, I consider it learning. Really excited about the future and where we can take all of this.”


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