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Triple H Reacts To Wyatt Sicks WWE Raw Debut

The Wyatt Sicks faction has made its long-awaited debut on the June 17 WWE Raw with Triple H reacting to their appearance.

Footage from their on-screen debut can be seen below this news story, including the carnage they committed backstage with Chad Gable as a victim.

While the group has gone unnamed on screen, a shot was shared online showing their logo, with the group name seemingly ‘Wyatt Sick6’.

The WWE Twitter post announcing new merch for the faction refers to the group as “Wyatt Sicks“.

Per the previous post, the members of the Wyatt Sicks are Dexter Lumis as Mercy The Buzzard, Joe Gacy as Huskus The Pig, Nikki Cross as Abby The Witch, Erick Rowan as Rambling Rabbit, and Bo Dallas as Uncle Howdy.

The group currently has five members, although the sixth may be a spiritual one.

Triple H has shared an image in tribute to Bray Wyatt after the debut of the group on last night’s WWE Raw.

The photo, which can be seen below, shows a silhouetted figure looking out at a stylized butterfly on a screen.

Bray Wyatt passed away on August 25 2023 at the age of 36 and was placed on a WWE Legends contract post-humously.

Photo credit WWE

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