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Triple H Discusses His 5-Year Plan For WWE

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Triple H took charge of WWE programming back in July 2022, following the initial retirement of Vince McMahon, WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H has done all he can to put his stamp on the WWE product. As it turns out, his first two years in charge have only been the beginning of his vision. Speaking with WWE's Megan Morant, Triple H laid out his five-year plan for how he sees WWE evolving under his leadership.

"I want to reinvent all this...not reinvent it, because there's nothing wrong with it," Triple H said. "It's not broken, it's not damaged; it's the greatest form of entertainment in the world, right? But how do we all together take what we love so much and turn it into something even more? Going into WrestleMania, next year, I think it's going to feel like a whole new place. And that's less than a year from now. So five years from now, I expect it to be the same heart and soul, but just with a whole new bunch of s**t that's just blowing everybody's mine."

While Triple H still has plenty of changes in mind for the WWE over the next half decade, one thing he hopes doesn't change is the support from WWE's fanbase, which he revealed in a message to the fans as the interview came to a close.

"Keep doing what you do," Triple H said  "Tell us what you like, tell us what you don't. We're listening. For whatever period you tune in, whether it's an hour, it's two hours, it's three hours, that you can just forget about life, forget about everything else going on, and live in this fantasy world of WWE, and enjoy every aspect of it. Cause I know I do."

Thank you to "WWE" for the transcription

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