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Triple H Addresses Adam Copeland (Edge) Leaving WWE For Aew

In the WWE post-Fastlane press conference, Triple H addressed the departure from WWE of Edge who has since turned up in AEW as Adam Copeland.

Triple H said of the reason for the parting of ways between Adam Copeland and WWE:

“Time. Time was right for him, time was right for us. I think he had an amazing career and an amazing sendoff here. And I think he felt like he had done what there was to do. I think we sort of felt, ‘Yeah, think you’re right’.

“And I wish him the best. I think he said it the other day, there’s no animosity here, there are no hard feelings. He’s doing what’s right for him and his family and I’m happy for him.

“Very, very happy for him. I sent him that in a message. ‘I’m happy for you’ and I’m proud of him.

“This has to be right for you, this is a grind, it’s a lot of hard work. Gotta be right for you. And if somebody feels like a different opportunity’s better for them, great. That’s wonderful.

“But the machine doesn’t stop for anyone. And we’re just gonna continue to grow and continue to do what we do, and I guarantee you if you’re one of these young people that are here that are trying every day, for no negative reason, but when they see him walk away and go somewhere else, they’re like, ‘Damn right I’m taking that spot’.

“That creates opportunity, Everybody will step up their game to fill that role. And there’s a line of people way more than capable of taking it to the next level, just like he was when he came in here.”



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