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Top WWE Star Set To Take Time Off

One of the top acts in WWE is set to take some time off, with a recent angle potentially used to write them out of storylines.

Per a report from Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Sami Zayn is set to take some time off the road, with the recent attack by Drew McIntyre intended as a write off.

Zayn had requested time off which was accepted by WWE, although Meltzer notes that the timeframe of Zayn’s absence is so far unknown.

Interestingly, Zayn is not believed to be scheduled for an upcoming WWE house show in Laval, Quebec, Canada - Zayn’s home province.

Usually shows in Montreal would be built around Zayn and/or Kevin Owens, and there is still the possibility that WWE could bring Zayn back from his hiatus for the show.

Zayn last wrestled on the December 4 edition of WWE Raw, losing to McIntyre in singles competition.

McIntyre would go on to attack Zayn’s knee. Prior to Raw, Zayn worked three house show matches in two days, pulling double duty on December 2 in Bangor, Maine.

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