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We at Real Rasslin can confirm that

Top WWE star and former Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair has addressed her renewed rivalry with Damage CTRL.

On the March 22 edition of SmackDown, IYO SKY defeated Naomi in singles action. Post match, Damage CTRL jumped Naomi until Bianca Belair came out to make the save. However, the numbers advantage for Damage CTRL got the better of Belair, leaving her laying alongside Naomi.

Belair’s assist came as a surprise to some fans after her interaction with Bayley and wanting to hold her accountable for her previous actions with her old group.

On the March 22 episode of SmackDown LowDown, Bianca Belair was asked about her attempt to help Naomi and why she came to her aid. She answered:

“After talking to Naomi, I realized I just gotta let that hurt go. Let’s make one thing very clear, I did not run out there for Bayley.”

“I ran out there for Naomi because she led with her heart, she led with her feelings, and she ended up in that mess,”

“Watching her out there getting beat up by Damage CTRL, getting misted, trying to fight Damage CTRL all by herself, I saw myself in her.”

“I remembered how I felt for 2 years trying to fight Damage CTRL by myself and wishing there was somebody there to help me.”

“So here I am, I couldn’t leave my sis hanging, and we’re back in it with Damage CTRL.”

Belair would later expand on her promo on her Instagram story where she referenced the three women who helped her defeat Damage CTRL at WWE Survivor Series: War Games. She wrote:

“I’ve been here fighting for my life for 2 years against them ALONE. Consistently… Constantly ALONE and anyone who tried to help is gone now,”

“Charlotte gone w/ injury. Shotzi gone w/ injury. Becky gone off fighting her own battle.”

“Just felt like I was constantly getting left to do it on my own and it gets exhausting and overwhelming.

“Then, Bayley gets jumped out of her own group that she created and now everyone feels sorry for her and wants to help take down Damage CTRL,”

“Can’t lie, I was hesitant to trust this process again… but I couldn’t leave Naomi hanging or blame her for trying to do what I myself did for 2+ years.”

Bayley will face Damage CTRL’s IYO SKY for the WWE Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 40. For the full lineup for the show, click here.

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