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Top Ten Wrestlers According to AI.

For me at least, Artificial Intelligence keeps hitting my feeds. It can do something as wholesome as making a recipe with just ingredients or as sinister as trying to escape and be "real". I decided to use a free program to make a top ten list of wrestlers from NJPW, AEW, WWE, and WCW. So, here is the Top Ten Wrestlers according to AI with a bit of commentary from me. A note about the order. I think due to the prompt it created a pattern that goes in the order of companies listed in the prompt.The Royal Rumble was created in 1988 by Pat Patterson and won by Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Since then it has become an annual event full of surprises and returns. The prize for winning is a chance to main event WrestleMania. Well get ready for Ten of the Worst Royal Rumble Participants.

1. NJPW: Kazuchika Okada

Known for his technical ability, Okada has held the IWGP Heavyweight Championship a record seven times and is widely regarded as one of the best wrestelrs in the world.

The above paragraph is what the AI said about Okada. It;s reasoning is solid. A few thinfs left out about Kazuchika Okada is that his fifth reign was the longest of the title with 720 days and that he has the hightest defense of all IWGP champions of 12 times. It is also off by one title reign He is an eight time holder of that belt.

2. AEW: Kenny Omega

A former NJPW star, Omega is considered one of the best in-ring perfomers in the industry today. He is the current AEW World Champion and has won numerous titles throughout his career. Again the program is using old data. Omega is a champion but the IWGP United States Champion not the AEW Heavyweight Champion that honor goes to MJF

3. WWE: John Cena

One of the most recognizable WWE Superstars of all time, Cena has won 16 World Championships and has been the face of the company for over a decade.

This is a very interesting divergence from the previous entries. It says nothing about in-ring skill just that he is recognizable.

4. WCW: Sting

A legend of WCW, Sting held multiple World Championsjips during his career and was knownfor his unique look and charismatic personality.

This should be altered to a legend of professionaly wrestling. Sting has had a resurgence in recent years since Joining AEW and teaming with Darby Allin.

5. NJPW: Hiroshi Tanahashi

Former IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Tanahashi is considered one of the greatest wrestelrsin NJPW history. He is Known for his high-flying style and ability to connect with the audience.

The Ace of New Japan prowrestling is an obvious for this list. Tanahashi has won 22 titles in NJPW and the second person to accomplish the Grand Slam for the company. Tanahashi has also won the G1 Climax three times.

6. AEW: Chris Jericho

A veteran of the industry, Jericho has won championships in multiple promotions, including WWE and AEW. He is known for his versatility and ability to reinvent himself over the years.

I feel like part of why Jericho is low on this list is due to the pattern the AI fell into. I played around with the AI a little more and it put Jericho as 10 of All Time. However, it omitted him from the Top 10 Current without listing companies.

7. WWE: The Rock

A Hollywood star and WWE Legend, The Rock won multiple championships during his career and is regarded as one of the most charismatic performers in history. Two very interesting things on this entry. The AI listed him as a Hollywood star before listing him as a wrester. Second due to the pattern the AI used this is the last WWE entry and none of their entries were current WWE stars.

8. WCW: Ric Flair

A 16-time World Champion, Flair is one of the most decorated and influentual wrestlers in history. He was known for his flamboyant personality and technical ability.

The AI is obviously following the official WWE line of only 16-time World Heavyweight Champion, many articles have disproven that fact. I also am taking flamboyant as meaning charasmatic as this AI would not insult any one. It wouldn't even make a list of ten worst wrestlers. as it had to remind me they are human and humans have feelings that may be hurt by just lists.

9. NJPW: Tetsuya Naito

A former IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champion, Naito is known for his unique charisma and rebellious attitdue.

The AI didn't say much about Naito. It admited that he is the leader of Los Ingobernables de Japon. Aditonally Naito has won the G1 Climax twice. Tokyo Sport awarded Niato the MVP award in 2016 and 2017; the highest award that magazine gives out.

10. Jon Moxley

Former WWE star, Moxley has found success in AEW as the former AEW World Champion. He is known for his intense in-ring styleand willingness to push boundries.

Short and sweet in the description. If Black Pool Combat Clun was around when this AI sampled its data then it might have included information about that.


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