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Last night's episode of WWE SmackDown ended with a top star telling the camera directly that he was out of WWE.

In the main event segment of last night's WWE SmackDown, Roman Reigns appeared first to remind the crowd to acknowledge him as the Tribal Chief after his victory at SummerSlam.

However, his time to gloat was short lived as it seemed the answers that fans were looking for were coming sooner rather than later.

The lights came up a bit, revealing that Jimmy Uso was at ringside, at first hooded and masked as he had been at SummerSlam. As he made his way into the ring, the crowd chanted, “You sold out!” at Jimmy Uso.

Eventually out came Jey Uso as well and with all of the Bloodline in the ring, Jimmy and Jey Uso stood face to face.

It was then that Jimmy Uso clarified that he didn’t do what he did at SummerSlam for any other reason than he loves Jey Uso.

He didn’t want to see him become Tribal Chief and thereby become a lying, egotistical, manipulative “asshole” like Roman Reigns.

Jimmy Uso said he was scared to lose his twin brother Jey Uso if he were to become the Tribal Chief.

While Jimmy Uso offered to take a kick to the face from Jey Uso if that’s what he wanted to do, he braced himself however no attack came.

Instead, Jey Uso turned his back to Jimmy Uso and Jimmy Uso eventually left the ring.

When Roman Reigns hopped back on the mic to tell Jey Uso a big ‘I told you so,” he demanded that Jey Uso acknowledge him.

Jey Uso instead Superkicked Roman Reigns in the face, kicking off a scuffle with both Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa although Jey Uso would end up on top.

Calling Jimmy Uso back towards the ring, it almost seemed as though the pair were set to exchange hugs but instead, Jey Uso delivered a big Superkick to Jimmy Uso.

It was then that he directly addressed the camera, saying that this was it. He is out of the Bloodline. He is out of SmackDown and he is out of WWE.


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