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Top 5 Takeaways from OTT’s Homecoming: Wolverhampton

A brief recap of Over The Top Wrestling's live show, “Homecoming” from The Hanger in Wolverhampton, January 27th 2023.

Here’s something a bit different from me today. A brief look at last week’s Over The Top Wresting’s Homecoming, live from Wolverhampton.

#1 A Blockbuster Announcement

Possibly the best way to end this riot of a show; with an enormous announcement. Earlier in the week we learnt that OTT will be bringing the one and only Jon Moxley to Dublin Ireland, for their Flagship Event: ScrapperMania VII. After Wolverhampton’s own, Trent Seven, and his team defeated The Draw in the main event, Seven took to the mic. And he dropped an absolute bombshell, not only will he be returning to ScapperMania in Wolverhampton, but at that event, he will be going toe to toe with former AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley! I repeat: JON MOXLEY IS COMING TO WOLVERHAMPTON! #2 A Bloody Good Main Event

As mentioned above, Trent Seven was on the winner’s side of a really entertaining Main Event. A 4 v 4, eight-man no disqualification match! Trent led his team, The Wolves (Seven, Man Like Dereiss, Omari & Dan Moloney) to a great win over The Draw (Sammy D, Charlie Sterling, Adam Maxted & Danny Cross). This match was fast paced, bell to bell, and caused absolute carnage throughout Wolverhampton’s “The Hanger”.

This match had chairs, championship’s and doors. Yep! Doors, much to the crowds delight! This crazy match was not without its casualties. In the second “door spot” of the night, The Draw laid one door over 2 of the crowd barriers, and decided that MLD would be their victim. In a suicidal dive form the top turnbuckle, Danny Cross crashed through Dereiss & the door alike. Cross was the first to stand, but he was not unscathed, with a torrent of blood gushing from the top of his head.

Like an absolute pro, Cross continued with the match, taking a 3rd table spot before being escorted out by stagehands & paramedics!

#3 Fantastic Story-telling

Despite the chaotic main event, the 2nd to last match was an absolute banger. Unfortunately Eddie had to pull out 2 days before the show, so instead we had Michael Oku take on Leon Slater. The crowd was hot for this one, which garnered a “This is Awesome” chant in the final segments. Oku, fresh off battling Chris Jericho at PWG’s BOLA, earned a very hard fought win.

The match started light heartedly, with both men showing respect and striking signature poses together before the bell. But the animosity grew throughout the match, with both men splitting the crowd 50/50. It has to be said that Slater was an absolute King of selling, he made you feel every move he received – total pro.

As the title suggested, the story they told in this match was clear, with Slater’s frustration growing throughout the match after being unable to put Oku away after every incredible move, before Oku put him away with his signature Half-Boston Crab. Post-bell Slater seemingly took an angry swing at Oku, but collapsed under his injured left leg. Hats off to both these Gentlemen.

#4 An Irish Treasure

Whenever you hear Cascada’s “Every time we Touch” at a wrestling show, you KNOW you’re in for a fun filled match! And it was no exception at OTT’s Homecoming. Session Moth Martina went one on one with Coventry’s Millie McKenzie, and eventually picked up the win.

Martina came out, beers in hand with her signature entrance & the crowd came alive. Before the match Martina gave McKenzie one of these beers in a toast, before the two of them continued to wrestle for about 5 minutes with the beers in hand – without a drop being spilled!

#5 A Noticeable Lack of Heels?

Probably my only criticism of this great show was a real lack of heels, or at least, obvious heels. Most matches seemed to be face vs face, with no wrestler’s coming out with that real “heel heat”, at least not until the main event, where The Draw has the clear heel vibe. Not that the crowd was flat, but they we’re certainly quieter in the opening matches, perhaps this was due to not knowing who to cheer or boo for?

Bonus: Exceptional Customer Service

As you will see from the events poster, Eddie Kingston was due to be on the card. Unfortunately a few days before the show, Kingston had to pull out of the show. OTT we’re fantastic in dealing with this. Breaking the news ASAP on social media’s & via emails. The following morning, those who purchased the meet & greet ticket were notified of their refund – a lot of conventions/promotions can learn a lot from this! Joe also promised to make up for this too, so who knows, Eddie may join ScrapperMania’s line-up of Mox & Santino Marella?

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